Sunday, July 25, 2010

CVS trip 7/25

There wasn't a whole lot in the CVS ad this week that caught my eye. But the Prevacid and diapers did. I planned on buying the diapers first, earing $10 ECBs, and "rolling" those ECBs onto my transaction for the Prevacid to minimize my OOP. But as it turns out, my deal got sweeter.

One of my favorite parts of CVS is scannning my rewards card at the special coupon printer to see what coupons it might spit out for me. I hit the jackpot today!! I got a $10/$50 coupon! What better week than this considering I was buy two high price items! I was thrilled!

Now the diapers were supposed to be $21.99 and give $10 ECB back. The size 2s were the only ones on the shelf without the sale price/ECB sticker. I got an ad, read and re-read to make sure these dipaers really did fit the criteria for the sale. They did. I scanned the box at the price checker and saw that they rang up $23.99 so I was prepared when I went to the cashier. Long story short, she rang them up at the $23.99, but keyed in a $2 SQ discount to bring the price to what it should have been. Then after the order, she manually printed my $10 ECBs. She was really great about the whole thing and I wasn in and out in no time.

Since I got the awesome coupon, I needed to do both things on the same transaction to meet the $50 amount.

96 ct. Pampers diapers $21.99
42 ct. Prevacid $24.99
- $2 MQ diapers
- $10 MQ Prevacid
- $10 SQ ($10/$50)
paid $1 ECB, $25.25 OOP
Earned $15 ECB!

I was VERY excited about this trip because for the regular cost of one box of Liberty's meds I was able to get the meds, a box of diapers AND $15 ECBs for next week! Score!

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