Thursday, July 29, 2010

Publix trip 7/28

I went to Publix Monday night, but I haven't had a chance to get that trip posted yet. But I made another quick stop in tonight since I was finally able to print some coupons. I also got another raincheck for the BOGO Right Guard deodarant so now I have 2 rainchecks that will allow me to get the 20 that I wanted.

4 Chef Boyardee Forkables $1.49 ea BOGO
- (2) $1/1 Target SQ
- $1.50/4 Conagra MQ
$.52 money maker! (If I had been able to get two more of the $1/1 SQs, this would have been a $2.52 money maker. Bummer!)

4 Quaker Rice Cakes $2.97 ea BOGO
- (2) $1/2 MQ
$3.94 or $.98 each

Grand total of $3.42!

Savings of $14.42 or 80%!

CVS trip 7/28

I made a quick stop into CVS tonight and I'm so glad I did! First, the special coupon printer printed out a another $10/$50 coupon for me! Remember, I got one Sunday? And, when I paid, at the bottom of my receipt was another $10/$50 coupon! How did I get so lucky??

I only bought 3 things on one transaction.

Arm & Hammer laundry detergent $3.50 ea
Kotex U $4.99
- $1/2 MQ (arm & hammer 7/18 SS)
- $1/1 MQ (kotex IP - print here)
paid $9.99 ECB, $.14 OOP
Earned $6.99 ECB

My total cost was really $3.14 if you count the $3 ECBs (paid $9.99 ECB and only earned $6.99 ECB sets me back $3 ECB). Not bad considering we usually spend $2.99+ on one bottle of laundry detergent!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Starbucks $1/1 printable!!

Click here to get a $1/1 IP for Starbucks ice cream! The sneak peek of next week's Publix ad shows that these are going BOGO for$3.79, making them $.90 each! This will make for a nice treat on a hot Florida day!

Thanks to Frugal Coupon Living for the link!

Yoplait Go-Gurt $1/1 printable!!

There is an incredible $1/1 IP for Yoplait Go-Gurt! Not sure I've seen one of these before. AND the sneak peek of next week's Publix ad shows that these are going BOGO for $2.29, making them $.15 per box! I freeze these for the kids and let them eat them as a popsicle for a treat. I'll be stocking up!

Click here and scroll to the bottom where it says "Try it with a coupon." Remember, you can print each IP twice.

Thanks to Moms Need To Know for the heads-up on this awesome coupon!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

CVS trip 7/25

There wasn't a whole lot in the CVS ad this week that caught my eye. But the Prevacid and diapers did. I planned on buying the diapers first, earing $10 ECBs, and "rolling" those ECBs onto my transaction for the Prevacid to minimize my OOP. But as it turns out, my deal got sweeter.

One of my favorite parts of CVS is scannning my rewards card at the special coupon printer to see what coupons it might spit out for me. I hit the jackpot today!! I got a $10/$50 coupon! What better week than this considering I was buy two high price items! I was thrilled!

Now the diapers were supposed to be $21.99 and give $10 ECB back. The size 2s were the only ones on the shelf without the sale price/ECB sticker. I got an ad, read and re-read to make sure these dipaers really did fit the criteria for the sale. They did. I scanned the box at the price checker and saw that they rang up $23.99 so I was prepared when I went to the cashier. Long story short, she rang them up at the $23.99, but keyed in a $2 SQ discount to bring the price to what it should have been. Then after the order, she manually printed my $10 ECBs. She was really great about the whole thing and I wasn in and out in no time.

Since I got the awesome coupon, I needed to do both things on the same transaction to meet the $50 amount.

96 ct. Pampers diapers $21.99
42 ct. Prevacid $24.99
- $2 MQ diapers
- $10 MQ Prevacid
- $10 SQ ($10/$50)
paid $1 ECB, $25.25 OOP
Earned $15 ECB!

I was VERY excited about this trip because for the regular cost of one box of Liberty's meds I was able to get the meds, a box of diapers AND $15 ECBs for next week! Score!

Walgreens trip 7/25

Yes, yes, I shopped Walgreens 4 times in 3 days. Is that sad? There was a SQ for Prevacid in the weekly ad today that I could combine with a MQ for a great deal. And I wanted to get Walgreens and CVS out of the way for the week so I went ahead out. Other than not getting the Twizzlers that I wanted, because of course, they were sold out, the trip was a success!

There were no RR involved so I only did one transaction.

42 ct. Prevacid $26.99
2 pk. Reach toothbrushes $2.99
- $1 SQ toothbrushes
- $1 MQ toothbrushes
- $5 SQ Prevacid
- $10 MQ Prevacid
paid $13.19 OOP

Walgreens trip 7/24

After hearing about my awesome deal on the copy paper, my sister wanted in on the deal. So I agreed to take her yesterday and show her how it's done. She needed copy paper for her kid's school list, so I agreed to buy 2 for her. She took it and that's why it's not pictured. They only had one bottle of the skin eraser, but I did find the blister defense which the SQ was good for and would qualify for the $5 RR. I also needed baby apple juice for Liberty so I decided to grab it while I was there. It's also not pictured because I had already put it in the refrigerator.

Transaction $1
Dr. Scholl's Rough Skin Eraser $7.29
Dr. Scholl's Blister Defense $8.49
- $10 SQ
$6.89 OOP
Earned $5 RR

Transaction #2
(2) 400 sheet copy paper $3.79 each
32oz Gerber apple juice $2.99
-$3.60 SQ (coupon from weekly ad for paper)
paid $5 RR, $2.25 OOP

I didn't do as well this trip if you only consider my OOP of $9.14. But it's stuff we needed or will use. And I get $4 from my sister for the paper so really my OOP will be $5.14, once I get paid. Not bad for $18.77 worth of stuff.

After two successful Walgreens trips, I have decided that IF the deal is good enough, then it's worth a trip. It's very annoying that they don't stock enough items that they put on sale, but it's worth the risk for a once-a-week trip.

The other thing about Walgreens is that the RR deals don't have a limit like at CVS. There is no card needed so they have no way of tracking how many deals you've purchased. But Walgreens is tricky. There are "rules" for how to get the RRs and certain things can actually make them not print. I'll try and find a link to the page I read to learn about how to shop Walgreens.

Another Walgreens trip 7/23

After my disappointing morning trip, I still decided to try again at a different store. What can I say, I really wanted that Rough Skin Eraser! And as you can see from my picture, I got lucky! To minimize my OOP, I again did multiple transactions, three this time. The cashier was very nice, I assume she's used to people doing this.

Transaction #1
5.8oz Colgate toothpaste $3.49
- $1 MQ
paid $2.74 OOP
Earned $3.50 RR

Transaction #2
(2) Dr. Scholl's Rough Skin Eraser $7.29 each (I'm not sure why they weren't $6.99 like at other stores)
- $5 SQ (from the monthly coupon booklet found in stores) deducted $10 automatically because I bought two
paid $3.50 RR, $2.11 OOP
Earned $5 RR

Transaction #3
(2) 400 sheet copy paper $3.79 each
(2) Kraft mac-n-cheese $1.49 each
- $1.60 SQ (coupon from weekly ad for mac-n-cheese)
-$3.60 SQ (coupon from weekly ad for paper)
paid $5 RR, $.64 OOP

For all the above items, I paid a grand total of $5.49 OOP!!! I typically spend about $4 on a ream of copy paper at Target so I was very pleased with this trip. All stuff we use!! Tim was excited about that and the fact there was no junk food involved.

Now if I can just find the time to exfoliate my feet with my new lotion....

Free backpack at Staples!

Buy ANY Backpack and get 100% back in a Staples gift card! (after easy rebate)

Valid July 25-31

Fore more details check out their weekly ad.

Friday, July 23, 2010

CVS Deal: Free Wheat Thins! Ends 7/24

Small boxes of Wheat Thins are on sale this week at CVS for $.99 each. If you "like" Wheat Thins on Facebook, you can print a $1/1 MQ to use. Free crackers! Click Here to visit their Facebook page. The coupon button is on the Wall, scroll down and look on the left side. Happy crunching!

CVS trip 7/23

After we left Walgreens, we headed to CVS. This was my second trip for this week and only because I needed milk, which would earn me $1 ECB per gallon, limit 2.

I knew this would be a quick, easy trip even with the kids along. I had a coupon for a free gallon of milk that printed last time I was in. It was from the "buy 5 gallons, get 1 free" promotion. And I planned on "rolling my ECBs" to keep my OOP as low as possible. So here's what my transactions looked like.

Transaction $1
two liners $.50 ea, total $1
paid $1 ECB, $.07 OOP for the tax
Earned $1 ECB

Transaction #2
one gallon milk $3.19
used free coupon
paid $0
Earned $1 ECB

Transaction #3
one gallon milk $3.19
paid $2 ECB, $1.19 OOP
Earned $1 ECB

So for $1.26 OOP I got 2 gallons of milk and 2 packs of liners. And I'm left with $1 ECB for next week. I'm thrilled with this trip!!

Walgreens shopping trip 7/23

When I first started this, I told myself I wasn't going to shop at Walgreens. I already shop at Publix and Target so I decided to only add CVS. Well, then came the money maker toothpaste. And my friend Jamie told me about her wonderful experience so I thought, hey I can try it.

I planned it all out this morning before we left the house, knowing that with 4 kids along I would probably be a bit stressed. I was going to buy Colgate toothpaste for $3.49 less $1/1 MQ, pay $2.74 OOP and earn $3.49 RR. Then I would buy two bottles of Dr. Scholl's Rough Skin Eraser for $6.99 each, use the $5 SQ I got from the coupon booklet at the store, pay $3.49 RR and $.76 OOP, and earn $5 RR. Then I was going to buy two PrintWorks copypaper for $1.99 each using a SQ from Sunday's add and two boxes of mac-n-cheese for $.69 with a SQ from Sunday's ad, to bring my total to $5.64. I would pay $5 RR and $.64 OOP. Total OOP would be about $4.14 for all of the above. In my mind, it was the perfect plan.

Unfortunately, what was perfect in my mind wasn't in reality. One of the reasons I don't care for Walgreens is their uncanny ability to always be sold out of the items advertised in their weekly ad. And true to form, they didn't have any of the Rough Skin Eraser or the copypaper. Ugh! Trying not to be discourage, I picked up the Colgate toothpaste and went towards the mac-n-cheese thinking I'd buy a few boxes with the RR I earned from the toothpaste. Then I saw the Zephyrhills bottled water. With a SQ from the Sunday ad, a 24-pk was only $3.49 the exact amount of RR I was going to get from the toothpaste. Score! Jacob put the mac-n-cheese back for me and we headed towards the register.

This was my first time ever using RR so I learned something. First, my $3.49 RR printed as $3.50. Second, my total for the water before tax was $3.49 and it wouldn't take my $3.50 RR as payment because I was a penny short. The cashier was very kind when she explained it and I quickly learned that I needed a "filler" item. I had read about fillers, cheap items used to bring your total high enough so you could use RRs, but didn't realize that it was pre-tax amount that mattered. I was flustered, didn't know what to grab, so in my haste I grabbed an overpriced Snickers bar thinking I could always save it for Jamie, the candy bar queen.

Transaction #1
5.8oz Colgate toothpaste $3.49
- $1 MQ
paid $2.74 OOP
Earned $3.50 RR

Transaction #2
24 pack Zephyrhills bottled water $4.50
- $1.01 SQ
Snickers $.89
Paid $3.50 RR, $.95 OOP

All in all, it wasn't a bad trip. I got everything pictured above for $3.69 OOP. I plan on using the water bottles for a "help the needy" project the kids and I are going to be starting. Check back for a blog post on that in a few days. I got the toothpaste that I wanted and I have a candy bar to give to a friend. If I don't end up eating it first.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Target Black Friday 2010

Target is having a Back in Black Friday Sale this Friday. It is online only so bookmark the page and check back in a few days!

Target Shopping Trip 7/20

Today's trip to Target was a little disappointing. I was prepared with my list and coupons in hand. There were several deals that I had read about on various blogs so I was on the hunt. Unfortunately, a few of those didn't happen.

I swear I read somewhere that 12-packs of Mtn. Dew were on sale for $3 something and with my $1/1 SQs, I was prepared to buy four 12-packs for $2 something. Well, turns out the Dew at my store wasn't on sale. Refiled the coupons and moved on.

Next was the Colgate toothpaste with bonus travel size and $10 coupon booklet with SQs for $2.98. I had $1/1 SQ and $1/1 MQ so I would end up paying $.98. Turns out the toothpaste was regular and my MQ was only for "advanced". Yes, I may have been able to squeak by with this one, if the coupon had scanned and gone unnoticed. But one of the things I learned at the coupon workshop was about coupon fraud. You should always purchase the exact product that the coupon is worded for. So that was a deal breaker.

On to the Clean and Clear face soap. The $3/1 SQ I printed was only for the $14.99 soap, not the $4.99 soap like I had thought. Another bum deal. I do have $2/1 MQ and I can print a $1/1 SQ so I will be able to go back and get the $3.42 face soap for only $.42! Good deal, if I get my computer back and my printer hooked up before Saturday.

Let's talk about the stuff I actually did buy! I did fairly well on everything I got. The Pampers were $19.99 each, earn a $5 GC WYB 2. I just got a $3/1 MQ in the mail last week and matched with a $2/1 SQ I saved $5 off one box! The other box I had a $2/1 MQ and a $2/1 SQ, so I saved $4 off that box. Combine that with the $5 GC I earned and it was a total savings of $14! You can't beat $13 for a box of diapers. And we've been going through a lot of these lately.

The Hanes socks were on sale for $3.79 and I had a $1/1 SQ for each pack. Two were IPs and one was a mobile coupon. If you aren't signed up for Target mobile coupons, you can go here to get signed up. It was pretty cool, I had never done that before. Six pairs of socks for $2.79 is a deal I can't pass up considering how rough my boys are on socks. If I have to tell them one more time not to go outside in their socks....

Have you tried the new Pretzel M&Ms? This was actually an impulse buy. On sale for $2.49 combined with a $1/1 SQ, it just seemed right at the moment. And as you can see from the above picture, my husband and I have already eaten half the bag. They aren't my favorite, but they aren't bad.

Next up we have three 20 ct. Always liners. I had three $1/1 MQ and these were $.94 each. My Target store does not give overage so when scanned, the coupon automatically adjusted down to the price of the item. So I didn't make $.06, but I still got them free!

I was very excited yesterday to see that Target had Mitchum deodarant on sale for $1.99 and that there was a $1/1 MQ in the 7/18 SS! I clipped 6 coupons to buy 3 for me and 3 for my husband. The coupon stated "on ANY Mitchum or Mitchum for Women product." Right here is where I ran into trouble. The coupon scanned and came up "item not purchased." Well, duh, I can see all 6 deodarants right there and I can clearly read the coupon. The cashier said no. I calmly asked to speak to a manager, whom she quickly called over. He looked at my items and the coupons then told her to take them off. Now this wasn't your typical Target cashier. Honestly, I'm not sure how she got hired there. She took them off, then said she didn't want to do it or finish my order, that she would have another manager ring me up. She voided everything and I had to unpack what was already bagged. She walks away, talks to someone, then comes back and starts ringing me up again. Then she sees the new manager and tells me again, I don't want to do this, I'm going to let her ring you up. Off she walks. The new manager comes over, voids out the order again and proceeds to lay out all my coupons with the item it goes with. I was so tempted to whip out my cell phone and take a picture, but I resisted the urge. All in all, I got my $6 in MQs taken off and my deodarant was $.99 each. I also watched very, very carefully to make sure she did all my other coupons properly. It was very nerve-wracking!

I bought a few other things. The slip n'slide was clearanced at $6.32, ground beef was on sale $2.99/lb. so I bought 4, strawberries, batteries and a $5.99 can of formula that I had a $5 check for. I'll be giving that to a friend who has a friend in need of it.

The last thing I bought were books. Around this time each year, the Dollar Spot is filled with school supplies! If you've seen our bookshelf, you know that our family is a firm believer in the motto "you can never have too many books." I picked up two workbooks for Leanna since I can't seem to keep enough on hand for her. She told me the other day that it has just been so long since we've done school. She's my little scholar. I also got 7 easy readers for Joshua and the girls when they're ready for them. These type of books usually run about $4 each! For $1 each, I couldn't pass them up.

Overall, my trip was successful. According to my receipt, I spent $88.18 and saved $43.72. Not too bad! I have to say that I don't like the way Target's receipts print. Half the coupons print out along with the item throughout the receipt and half print out at the bottom. It makes it difficult for me to keep up with all the coupons I used. This was my first ever Target trip where I have received poor customer service so that affected my attitude towards the whole experience. The cashier was downright unprofessional by refusing to ring my order just because I had a valid coupon that her computer didn't want to accept for some reason. Especially after her manager told her to take them. Oh well, it still beat shopping at Walmart any day. ;)

Quaker Rice Snacks BOGO + Coupon

Quaker Rice Snacks and Quaker Mini Delights Multigrain Cakes will be $2.99 BOGO at Publix starting this Thursday, July 22. There is a $1/2 coupon available to print here making them $1 each! My kids love to snack on these so hopefully I can get some coupons printed (having computer issues ARGH!) and stock up on these.

Thanks so much to for the heads up! You can check out the complete weekly ad preview here.

I Heart Publix

Sunday, July 18, 2010

CVS Trip 7/18

So this week I was smart and made my list out before Sunday. I was able to do this by previewing the Sunday ad at Check it out. Next week's ad is already up!

In order to best use my ECBs, today I did 3 transactions. The first was for the 4 pack of Celsius tea. Pay $7.99, get $7.99 ECBs. A freebie! I turned it into a $2 money maker by using a $2/1 coupon I printed from I also scanned my Green Bag Tag (GBT) and earned $1 ECB. I paid $4.99 in ECBs, $1 OOP, and got back $8.99 ECBs.

My next transaction was for the Schick Quattro razor $8.99, less $4/1 MQ I won from playing their game on Facebook, and earned $4 ECBs. So I got the razor for $.99 and I have been wanting to try this one. Of course after last week's Publix deal my husband had to ask, just how many razors does one need? I laughed him off and explained I am hoping to donate some of the razors somewhere. I also added the Dial bar soap for $3.88, earning $1 ECB. I knew I didn't have enough ECBs already to cover the Prevacid so I added that too. $18.99 less a $4/1 MQ and earned $3 ECBs. I paid $8.99 in ECBs - the ones I earned from the tea and the GBT - and $15.75 OOP, bringing my total OOP to $16.75.

Last, I bought the shampoo and conditioner that was on BOGO for $6.99, expensive stuff! I am picky about my shampoo, but I figured that since this was BOGO and also had a hang tag for a Try it Free rebate, I'd give it a shot. So I paid $7 in ECBs and $.48 OOP for that, but will get $6.99 back from the rebate, making both bottles free.

By rolling my ECBs by doing multiple transactions, I was able to keep my OOP expense for today's trip to $17.23. Aside from the money making tea, this is all stuff we will use. I priced the Prevacid at Target and it was cheaper to buy it with this deal at CVS. I'm not sure yet what I'll be doing with the tea. It's a dietary supplement and each can has 200mg of caffiene! Maybe I'll give one to each of the kid's and watch them bounce off the walls....

Overall, I was very pleased with today's CVS trip. I also got my coupon for a free gallon of milk from the buy 5, get 1 free deal. My ad shows that milk is down to $3.19 again and earns $1 ECB. I'm hoping that I'll still get the $1 ECB if I use my coupon to get it free. I am left with only $1 ECB, but it was worth it to keep my OOP down. I do plan on going back this week to get milk and hopefully that will earn me $2 ECBs since there is a limit of 2. The best part was that I was organized, found everything I wanted and was out of the store within about 20 minutes. I consider that success!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Free Cereal!

I scored free cereal last night at Publix! I've been saving four $1/1 for the new Kellogg's Cinnabon cereal. I found the cereal last night $1.99 for a 10oz box. Pricey stuff! I paid $4 for 4 boxes after my coupons. And each box has a rebate form to try it free! I paid cash, 2 boxes on 1 receipt and 2 on another. I'll do one rebate form for my mom's name and address and one for mine. And she will be kind enough to give me the $2 when it comes, meaning I get my $4 back! Can't beat totally free cereal!

Now I know you're looking at the box and thinking that it's junk, sugar cereal. But cereal in our house is a treat, not an every day thing. And I often eat it as a dessert in the evening if I'm craving something sweet. So this works for us!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Peppridge Farm Goldfish $.75/1

There is a new $.75/1 bag of Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® Grahams. Print two and this will make a great deal if they are BOGO or $1 each. They sometimes go $10/10.

Print here

Thursday, July 15, 2010

$10 Rebate for Olay, Venus, Covergirl, Secret, or Pantene products

Purchase $30 worth of any Olay, Venus, Covergirl, Secret, or Pantene products and receive
a $10 rebate by mail. Rebate submissions must be postmarked by October 1, 2010.
Simply complete and mail in this form by October 1, 2010 to receive your $10 rebate.

Offer valid from 6/30/10 to 9/17/10. Must be postmarked by 10/1/10. Offer limited to US residents only, 18 years of age and older. Limit one rebate per name, address, or envelope. Use of multiple addresses or P.O. boxes to obtain additional refunds is fraud and may result in prosecution. Multiple submissions will not be acknowledged or returned. This form must accompany your request. Reproduction, alteration, sale, trade, or purchase of this form or proof of purchase is prohibited. Proof of purchase must be obtained from product purchased by you. No requests from groups, clubs, or organizations will be honored. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. Form Cash Redemption Value 1/100 of 1 cent. For any questions regarding this offer call call 1-866-644-7712.

Print your Rebate Form here.

Publix Trip 7/15

I had a great trip at Publix today. This was my first big trip since I've started "extreme couponing." Yes, I've been doing the BOGOs + coupons for cereal for a long time. But some of these items I've always bought at Sam's Club assuming they had the best price.

I got everything shown, plus 4 boxes of Eggo frozen pancakes that aren't shown, for $51.67! The total value of everything was $175.76!! I had $50.25 savings in coupons alone. Combine that with the BOGOs and sale prices, I saved 71% today!

The 10 packs of razors were an overage item. I made $.51 for every 2 packs bought. I explained that deal here. The 4 boxes of Wheaties, I paid $1.15 each. The FiberPlus was $.62 each, you can find that deal here. The Hershey's syrup ended up at $.75 each, again beating out Sam's price. The Emerald nuts were a freebie - $1 each with $1/1 coupon! The Finish dishwasher tabs were my other great bargain. $6.99 BOGO and two $2.50/2 coupons made them $1 each! That blows Sam's price out of the water. The popcorn was $2.20 each and that should last us awhile. I got a few other things just because we needed them. I branched out on the butter and got a different brand because it was BOGO.

Overall, I'm very pleased with my savings today. I would never have paid full price for most of the items I got. And it is all stuff we already eat, will eat, or already use. Since I now have an abundance of razors, I plan on donating some of them. I'm excited about being able to do that!

CVS Trip 7/15

I made a quick trip to CVS today. I had already been once for the week, but the store I went to didn't have enough of the Suave shampoo. So I stopped in again and was able to get more. The deal was spend $10 get $3 ECBs, with a limit of 2.

I regularly pay $5.88 for a 4-pack of the kid's shampoo @ Sam's Club, or $1.47/bottle. CVS had certain Suave products on sale 3/$5. I was able to match coupons and bring my down to $7 for 6 bottles. Looking at my receipt I see that I accidentally used an extra coupon. I had two $.50/2 coupons for the shampoo and I forgot to take one out of my stack. It scanned and took it off anyways. OOPS! I then earned $3 ECBs bringing my cost down to $4, or $.67/bottle. On this deal, CVS beat Sam's Club. Pretty impressive!

Fiber Plus cereal for $1

Publix has the new Kellogg's Fiber Plus cereal BOGO this week and I found a $1/1 coupon. This should make for $1 a box cereal!

BOGO $3.99
Print $1/1 coupon (print two - one for each box) I was just told by my sister that this coupon only printed for $.55 each for her.
OOP $1.99 ($1 ea)

If you get the Target coupons in the mail, look in the last booklet that came. I found $.75/1 box of Kelloggs. Combine this SQ with the above MQ and it will be $.62 a box!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Don't throw them away!

My previous method of couponing involved browsing the coupons, clipping ones for items we buy or I thought we might buy, then throwing the rest away. I have since learned that I was throwing away valuable coupons without even knowing it!

For example, our youngest daughter was just diagnosed with silent reflux and she's starting on Prevacid. I knew we were already stopping at CVS so I checked the sale ad for this week. Unfortunately, it wasn't on sale. But since I didn't want to make more than one stop, I decided that was ok. The second thing I did was visit the Coupon Database, typed in "prevacid" and found that there was a $4/1 coupon in the 6/27 SS! Luckily, that was the first Sunday I started saving the coupons! I didn't know that a few weeks down the road I would need to buy Prevacid, so I didn't clip the coupon. But by saving my coupon inserts, I still had them and the valuable $4 coupon. Thanks to the database and having my coupons organized, finding the coupon took less than 5 minutes.

Lesson for today: Don't throw away any coupons!!

And this is our beautiful baby girl, Liberty, who will benefit from the saved $4 coupon.

My first Money Maker!!

I'm so excited! My first week of buying multiple papers and there is a money maker! BIC Soleil razors are going to be BOGO for $5.49 at Publix starting tomorrow. Last Sunday's paper had a $3/1 coupon! Stack 2 coupons and make $.50! Remember to get some extra groceries to cover the overage amount.

Thanks so much to the ladies at True Couponing for sharing this great deal!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wheaties Fuel + Publix BOGO

Wheaties Fuel cereal will be BOGO at Publix starting Thursday. There is a $1/1 ($1 off one box) coupon available, making it close to $1 a box.

Print $1 coupon - SS

Print $1 coupon - Cool Savings

Print $1 coupon -

Remember, you can usually print each coupon twice. You should be able to get 4 coupons which will make 4 boxes of cereal $1 each! Can't beat that!!

I was only able to print each one once. I'm not sure why. But 2 boxes for $1 each are better than none!

Update: I found the coupon on too! Click above for the link!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Beginning of a Journey

Come along with me on my journey to savings. I have always considered myself a "couponer", even matching coupons with sales when I can. But I never fully realized what an "extreme couponer" was until I started doing some research. Then I found a whole new world opening up to me. In this world, toilet paper and toothpaste are free! Intrigued by this, I found myself getting caught up in this crazy couponing obsession. I attended an awesome coupon workshop this past weekend and learned exactly what it means to stockpile, get "free free" items, and buy "money makers." With all of this new knowledge in hand, I'm determined to see just how much I can cut our grocery budget.

I am not going to reinvent the wheel and do store ad match-ups or anything like that. There are plenty of other sites that have already done all that work for us. I will post my purchases, including what the sale price was, what coupons I had, how much I paid, and most importantly, my savings. I'll also pass along links for special deals and coupons.

My first and foremost purpose in this new couponing journey is to decrease our grocery budget. Feeding a family of 6 in this economy is no easy task, especially when you're looking for good, healthy food. If I can reduce our budget by even a little bit, that is more than nothing.
Provers 3:9-10
Honor the LORD with your wealth, with the firstfruits of all your crops; then your barns will be filled to overflowing, and your vats will brim over with new wine.
This verse was shared at the workshop and it really spoke to me regarding this. God wants to bless us, He wants to bless me, and through others, He has provided this knowledge for me to be able to have our "barn" overflowing without going to the poorhouse. I was challenged to do my part. If God will provide the deals, then I will do the work to search them out. Because, like it was said at the workshop, Jesus wants me to have free toilet paper!

My second reason is so that we as a family will be better equipped to help others in need. If I can get more for less, we'll be able to share more. Another verse was used at the workshop.
I Timothy 6:18
Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.
I want to be ready and willing to share and to teach my children the value of giving. So as a family, we are going to start gathering items that I can get free or cheap to donate to the local food bank or Christian Social Services. I'd even like to eventually have enough of a donation stockpile that we can make care packages for special things like holidays. Anything that can make a difference in the lives of others. We have been so abundantly blessed by God already and I want to make it more of a priority to pass those blessings along to others.
So join me if you will on this journey. I hope you will enjoy the trip.
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