Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Walgreens trip 8/31

I had $5 RR from last week to spend and there were a couple freebies and good deals I wanted to snag. I always get very confused at Walgreens with the whole "filler" thing and also making sure not to pay for something that gives a RR with a RR from the same company. Couponers aren't kidding when they say Walgreens is a tough one! But if you can manage to keep things straight, you can score some great deals there. Overall, I don't think I did too bad except for the $.69 peanut M&Ms filler item. But they are my favorite so it's not like I won't eat them.

Transaction #1
3 John Frieda conditioner 3/$15 or $5 each
- $3/1 MQ
Earned $5 RR (made them $.33 each!)
(month long deal for Sept)

Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm $2 each
Earned $2 RR

Paid $5 RR, paid $4.05 OOP
Earned $7 RR

Transaction #2
Starbucks Frappuccino drinks 2/$10
- $1/1 MQ
- $1/2 SQ monthly booklet
$3.50 each

Breathe Right strips $4 each
Earned $4 RR

Nice & Easy hair color $7.99
- $3/1 in-ad SQ
- $2/1 MQ
$2.99 each

M&Ms $.69

Paid $7 RR, paid $8.36 OOP
Earned $4 RR

Transaction #3
Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm $2 each
Earned $2 RR

Paid $2 OOP
Earned $2 RR

I started with $5 RR, paid a total of $14.41 OOP, and ended with $6 RR.

If I used the correct regular price for all of the items purchases, the merchandise value for everything is $51. That's a savings of approx. 74%!

Oh and for the people that say couponing is a waste of time because you end up buying stuff you won't use, I will use all of these items. Did I need them all? No, maybe not. But I love lip balm, I do use the breathe right strips when I'm congested and feel like spending money on them, I have been wanting to color my hair, I was paying at least $2+ for my shampoo/conditioner, and with all my savings don't I deserve a Starbucks? LOL Besides, $.88 for a bottle is cheaper than $4-$5 for a coffee.

Publix trip 8/31

Tim and the boys went to a baseball game tonight so I decided to run out and do a few errands. I wanted to get back to Publix for more Morning Star chik'n nuggets and the BOGO Zhills water. I ended up finding the $2/1 Lactaid milk blinkie that doesn't list a size!

8 cases of 12-pack water BOGO @ $2.99
- $1.50/2 MQ from Sunday's paper
$1.49 or $.75 each

2 Lactaid 1 qt. milk $2.19
- $2/1 blinke
$.19 each

4 Stride Shift gum 5/$5
- BOGO Target SQ
$2 or $.50 each

2 Morning Star Farms veggie chik'n nuggets BOGO @ $3.89
- $1/1 MQ (found on the inside of the boxes I bought previously)
- $1/2 Target SQ
$.89 or $.45 each

2 Morning Star Farms veggie chik'n nuggets BOGO @ $3.89
- $1/2 MQ (from the paper, I didn't have any more $1/1)
- $1/2 Target SQ
$1.89 or $.95 each

Total paid OOP $11.40, total saved $38.70!

Staples trip 8/30

Hammermill Copy Paper $4.99 each
- $2/1 MQ from Sunday's paper
$2.99 each

Bic pens $.01 (when you spend $5)

Total spent $5.99 + tax (I don't have the receipt right here and I'm too lazy to get up and look for it)

Submitted my Easy Rebate online for $4.49 back on each ream of paper. I made $3 to buy paper that I need to print my coupons!

From My Mailbox

I have signed up for numerous free samples, coupons, etc. so I'm always looking for something in the mail box. Today I got lucky!! I got a free sample of the new Cheetos Zingers!

my Publix ad had a $10/$50 coupon! That will come in handy Thursday when I shop the new sale.

Target trip 8/27

I wasn't very impressed with the Target sales this week, but there were a few things I wanted to pick up. I ended up scoring some free toothpaste!

Colgate clearanced $.88 each
-$1/1 Target SQ

Mr. Bubbles $1.77 each
- $1/1 MQ
$.77 each

Suave Men's shampoo $1.65 each
- $.75/1 Target SQ
- $.50/1 MQ
$.40 each

Vaseline Cocoa butter lotion $2.99 each
- $1.50/1 Target SQ
- $1/1 MQ
$.49 each

Chef Michael dog food $.87 each
- Free Target SQ

Wishbone Salad dressing $1.89 each
- $.75/1 Target SQ
- $1.25/2 MQ
$.51 each

From the Dollar Spot:

Time Bingo $1
Silly Bands $1

I also got milk, frozen fruit and a few other things not listed or pictured.

Total spent OOP $31.90, saved $23.24!

CVS trip 8/30 - second store

Wheat Thins 4 oz. 10/$10
- $1/1 IP from Facebook

King size Snickers $1
- $.75/1 SQ from coupon kiosk

Total paid OOP $.32!

CVS trip 8/30

High Octane Energy chews $1.99 each
- BOGO coupon (IP from their website)
Earned $1.99 ECBs
(this is a monthly deal, not in the ad)

Blink Gel Tears $7.99 (rain check)
- $1.50/1 MQ
Earned $7.99 ECBs

Paid $8 ECBs, paid $.74 OOP
Earned $9.98 ECBs

I "earned" $1.24 in ECBs on this transaction!

CVS trip 8/28

Transaction #1
Listerine Zero $3.97
- $2/1 IP
Earned $2 ECBs

Paid $1 ECB, paid OOP $1.18
Earned $2 ECBs

Transaction #2
Listerine Zero $3.97
- $2/1 IP
Earned $2 ECBs

Snickers 2/$1
- $.50/2

Paid $2 ECBs, paid OOP $1.32
Earned $2 ECBs

Publix trip 8/28

This trip wasn't as impressive because I needed the sliced cheese. It was on sale and I had a coupon, but buying the two packages still affected my savings.

two Nut Clusters $2.00 each
- $1/1 August GM

Starbucks ice cream - one coffee and one non-coffee BOGO @ $3.39 each
- $1/1 MQ
- $1.50/1 MQ
$.89 or $.45 each!

Sliced cheese $2.99 each
- $1/2 MQ
$4.98 or $2.49 each

Stride Shift Gum 14-pk. $1.00 each
- BOGO Target SQ
$1 or $.50 each

Dove chocolates BOGO @ $3.95 each
- $1/1 MQ
$1.95 or $.98 each!

Morning Star Farms veggie chik'n nuggets BOGO @ $3.89
- $1/1 MQ (found on the inside of the boxes I bought previously)
- $1/2 Target SQ
$.89 or $.45 each!

There is an extra $1 vendor coupon, but I can't think of what it would have been from, unless I accidentally gave an extra one and it scanned off.

Total spent OOP $11.37, saved $26.69!

Publix trip 8/27

I had a pretty good Publix trip last week! Everything isn't pictured because I had already put away the eggs, frozen veggies and veggie chik'n nuggets. Almost everything I bought was on BOGO sale and I had coupons.

A few of my favorites:

Dove chocolates BOGO @ $3.95 each
- $1/1 MQ
$1.95 or $.98 each!

Ken's Marinade BOGO @ $2.79 each
- $1/1 MQ
$.79 or $.40 each!

Starbucks ice cream - coffee BOGO @ $3.39 each
- $1/1 MQ
- $1/1 MQ
$1.39 or $.70 each!

Morning Star Farms veggie chik'n nuggets BOGO @ $3.89
- $1/1 MQ (IP from their website)
- $1/2 Target SQ
$.89 or $.45 each!

Total spent OOP (after tax) $50.86, saved $89.24!

Publix trip 8/27 - Change for a Change

Inspired by Zeal for a Deal: Publix Change for a Change, I will be buying a few things from Publix each week specifically to donate. My plan is to try and get as much as possible for $3 or less. I'm hoping that with all the savings on our groceries, we will be able to afford $12 a month towards donations for a local food bank or homeless shelter. I hope to get the kids involved in this and use it as a teaching opportunity.

Campbells Select Harvest Chicken Noodle Soup BOGO @ $2.39 each
- $.50/1 Target SQ
- $1/1 MQ
$.61 money maker!

Rico 3 lb. Rice $.99

Lipton 24 ct. family size tea bags BOGO @ $2.37 each
- $.60/2 MQ
- $.75/2 Target SQ

Ken's Marinade BOGO @ $2.79 each
- $1/1 MQ

Total paid was $2.19 for $17.89 worth of groceries!

Zeal for a Deal

Friday, August 27, 2010

Walgreens trip 8/27

I stopped by Walgreens tonight because I wanted to get more diapers before the RR deal went off. I also had noticed that Pepsi products were on sale with RR so I decided to pick up a few cases of Dew. No picture of the stuff because I'm too tired tonight so instead I'm sharing one of my sweet pumpkin who wears all the diapers I buy!

Isn't she a sweetie??

Transaction #1
four 12-pk mountain dew $3.25 each ($.27 per can!)

Total paid $13.91
Earned $5 RR

Transaction #2
2 jumbo pack Pampers diapers $8.99 each
- two $1.50/1 Pampers diapers 8/1 P&G Saver
Earned $3 RR

2 Pampers wipes $2.50 each
- two Free wipes WYB Pampers diapers 8/1 P&G Saver

Penway memo pad $.49 (filler item)
- $.32 in-ad store coupon

Paid $5 RR, $11.78 OOP or $2.90 for each pack of diapers and wipes, and $.18 for the memo pad (after tax) Not a bad price for diapers!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Publix trip 8/25

The purpose of today's Publix trip was to see how much food I could buy to donate for as little money as possible. I was inspired by Zeal for a Deal and the Change for a Change posts that they do. My goal was to see how much food I could get for $10. I actually did better than that and was able to get $37.08 worth of groceries for $5.44!! I did throw in a couple things for us and the Combat since they were money makers.

12 boxes of Betty Crocker Helpers BOGO @ $1.59 each
- four $.75/3
- six $1/2 Target SQ
$.54 for all 12 boxes!

6 Diced tomatoes BOGO @ $1.39 each
- $.45/3

2 Luzianne 24 ct. Family size tea bags BOGO @ $2.29 each
- two $.60/1

4 Barilla whole grain pasta BOGO @ $1.27 each
- two $1/2

Total for the above items which will be donated was $5.44. I also bought the items below.

2 Combat roach killer $3.99 each
- two $3/1 Publix SQ
- two $2/1
$2.02 money maker!

2 Friendship sour cream $1.79 each
- $1/2 blinkie

tomato $1.49/lb

Total spent $7.13 ($.56 sales tax), total saved $45.43!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Winn Dixie trip 8/25

Yep, I went back to Winn-Dixie. And I'm so glad I did! Major score here!! According to my receipt, I saved $73.35!!

12 Oral-B Cross action toothbrush BOGO @ $4.99 each (who pays $5 for a toothbrush!?)
- BOGO Coupon 8/1 P&G Saver
I scored and found them with a trial size of Crest toothpaste on each toothbrush!

Wheat Germ $5.39
(I thought I could use another Q on the toothbrushes to get overage so I picked this up. Overage didn't work out, but I still bought this because I need it anyway.)

Taco Bell Dinner kits BOGO @ $2.99 each
- $.75/1 Peelie coupon made this a total score!
$4.47 for 6 or $.75 each!

Total Paid $11.96 ($2.10 tax on the toothbrushes) a savings of 86%!!

So ya, I don't like Winn-Dixie. But if I can save 86% and score free toothbrushes, it's worth stopping by.

I went back tonight and got another 10 toothbrushes since I had 5 coupons I didn't use this morning. Only 2 had the free toothpaste. I paid $1.75 in tax for 10 toothbrushes. So I paid a total of $3.85 in sales tax for 22 toothbrushes and 14 trial size toothpastes. SCORE!

CVS trip 8/24

10 Fuze drinks 10/$10
- four $.75/1 tearpad Q's (kicking myself that I wasn't greedy and got more)
Earned $5 ECB (made them $.20 each)

3 Duracell 8pk D batteries (For Liberty's swing!!) $9.99 each
- three $.75/1
Earned $10 ECB

5 Garnier Fructis Shampoo/Conditioner 3/$10
- 5 $1/1
Earned $5

3 John Frieda Root Awakening $5 each
- 3 $3/1
Earned $5

4 Brownie Bowls BOGO @ $2.69 (rain check, I finally found some!)
- 2 $.75/1 (the guy wouldn't let me use all 4 of my coupons and since he was a moron, I didn't argue)

Used a $10/$50 SQ from the coupon kiosk.

Paid $17.99 ECBs, $31.18 OOP
Earned $25 ECBs

I didn't like spending that much OOP, but considering I got 24 D batteries, I don't think I did that bad. Those suckers are expensive! And Little Miss Liberty loves her swing! And I got to use my $10/$50 coupon so it all worked out.

I also got a rain check for the Blink eye drops and the Listerine since they were out.

Walgreens trips 8/24 and 8/25

2 Pampers Jumbo pack $8.99 each
- $1.50/1 P&G Saver 8/1
Earn $3 RR

2 Pampers Wipes $2.50 each
- Free wipes WYB any diapers -$2.50

Total paid after tax OOP $16.59, or $4.15 each item
$3 RR left

I was planning on buying more diapers/wipes, a few cases of mtn. dew, and the almonds, but I realized that I only cut one set of Pampers coupons and I need 2. Oops. So I decided to go with just the almonds to go ahead and use up my $3 RR. I needed a filler item to use my RR because I had a $1/1 coupon for each of the almonds. I found the sidewalk chalk clearanced 75% off so I got them for $.25 each.

3 Blue Diamond almonds 2/$4 after in-ad coupon
- $1/1 Blue Diamond 100 Calorie 7 ct Whole Natural Almonds, any, OR Blue Diamond Whole Natural Almonds, 6 oz can, any 8/22 SS

3 Sidewalk chalk $.25 each

Paid $3 RR, $.81 OOP!

Basically, I got the nuts free and bought the chalk. Awesome!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Publix Freebies!

I stopped in at Publix over the weekend to get these specific items free. I had planned on blogging earlier so that anyone else who wanted to run and get them would know. But life got in the way this weekend and being there for family was way more important than couponing, blogging and pretty much anything else.

I "liked" Athenos on Facebook and got a BOGO coupon for feta cheese up to $6.49. I also got an IP for BOGO Pepsi Max. I can't remember where that one came from. I was able to print 2 of each coupon.

Athenos feta cheese BOGO @ $2.29 ($1.14 each)
- $2.29 BOGO IP

Pepsi Max BOGO @ $1.69 ($.84 each)
- $1.69 BOGO IP

Paid $.24 in sales tax, saved $15.92!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

CVS week of 8/22/10 - Free Listerine scenario

This is for all of my couponing friends who are just starting out. CVS can be a tricky store to shop and score the best deals. Understanding the ECBs, how to do multiple transactions, where to find the coupons, and how to get the best deals can be confusing. Hopefully this scenario will help. I'll go step by step how I am going to work this deal. This is for the ad that starts Sunday 8/22/10 and runs next week. Or starts Saturday night, depending on when your store activates the new weekly ad.

Listerine Zero or Total Care 16.9 oz. will be on sale for $3.99 and you will receive $2 ECBs back. There is a limit of 2 per card for this deal. There is also a printable coupon for $2/1 Listerine ZERO (500mL or larger.) Combining the coupon with the sale and ECBs will give you Free mouthwash. You will need to do 2 transactions so that you can use the ECBs earned on the first transaction to pay for the second transaction. Most CVS cashiers I have run into are aware of the multiple transaction thing and why we as customers do it. So it's no big deal. I put the stuff for my first transaction on the counter and leave everything else in my cart. If they ask, I say I'm doing two transactions.

You will have to register and give some information, but this is worth it for me. Not only do I get free mouthwash, but I also can print the coupons for the Smart Rinse which my kids use every day. Print the coupon twice since the limit for the deal is two.

Pick up two bottles of the Listerine Zero 16.9 oz. that are $3.99 each.

Transaction #1
Listerine Zero $3.99
- $2/1
Listerine ZERO (500mL or larger) Print coupon here

Subtotal $1.99
7% tax $.14
$2.13 total due OOP

If you have ECBs from a previous week, use them. If not, spend cash. Remember, you do not get change back from your ECBs. So if you tried to pay with a $4 ECB, you would lose $1.87.

Earn $2 ECBs.

Transaction #2
Listerine Zero $3.99
- $2/1
Listerine ZERO (500mL or larger) Print coupon here

Subtotal $1.99
7% tax $.14
$2.13 total due
pay $2 ECB using the ECBs you just earned, pay $.13 OOP

Earn $2 ECBs.

Even if you started with no ECBs, you will leave the store having spent $2.26 OOP with two bottles of mouthwash and $2 ECBs to spend on something else.

Obviously if you have other deals you want to score next week, then you would probably want to buy more stuff on each transaction than just the mouthwash. I know next week I plan on buying more Blink eyedrops (it is a new deal for next week), John Frieda conditioner, Fuze drinks and Garnier shampoo/conditioner. I haven't worked out yet how I will do my transactions. But I also have $17.99 in ECBs to spend already so that will affect how I work my deals.

I hope this post will be helpful for understanding how CVS works. It's a tricky store and can take some time to learn it. If nothing else, I hope I helped you score some "free" listerine!

Get $2 ECB Limit 2

Monday, August 16, 2010

CVS trip 8/16

I took my sister to CVS tonight to get her an ECB card and help her score cheap milk. I had also read that the 4.5 ounce Emerald nuts were 10/$10. The bigger cans are BOGO at Publix this week so I did the math and figured out that with my coupon, these would be cheaper per ounce at CVS. So I made sure to clip my coupons and have them ready. I was also hoping to get some more SoBe, but this store only had the zero calorie and I don't like that as much as the regular.

(3) J & J First Aid Kit $.99 each
- $3/3 Band Aid brand Adhesive Bandages Product AND/OR Neosporin Original Ointment AND/OR Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer, 8fl. oz+ Product AND/OR Cortaid Product AND/OR Johnson & Johnson Red Cross brand Product 8/1 SS
Free! (actually a $.03 money maker if you want to get technical)

(6) Emerald Nuts 4.5 ounce 10/$10
- $1.50/2 Emerald Nuts 8/15 RP
$.25 each

Paid $1 ECB, paid $.47 OOP, Earned $1 ECB for my green bag tag!

Publix trip 8/16 - second store for the night

My sister and I love Publix so much we just had to stop by another one! Actually, the CVS we wanted to go is right across from a different Publix. So we stopped by her house, which was on the way, clipped all 11 of her $5/1 razor coupons and were off. She gave me a coupon for the one I had given her at the previous store. Aren't we so loving?? LOL This trip was definitely worthwhile. I scored a great deal on all of the above items AND we found the elusive Toss 4 Cash coupon booklet!

I found 3 more boxes of ThermaCare to use the rest of my coupons! So of course, I needed something to buy with my $3 overage. I decided on another razor and shave gel, since I got my coupon back, and diapers! It ended up being an excellent deal!

ThermaCare $6.99 each
- $3/1 MQ 2 ct. ThermaCare
or $3/1 MQ 2 ct. ThermaCare 7/25 RP
- $5/1 SQ 2 ct. Thermacare Publix Green Advantage Flyer
$1.01 money maker on each!

Some people are reporting that their store is reading the store coupon as $5/2 and only allowing the coupon to be used if two boxes are purchased. This is a "YMMV" (your mileage may vary) because I have bought several boxes and never had my coupons questioned. And again tonight, a customer service person did an override on the coupon.

Schick Hydro razor $5.99
- $5/1 razor 8/8 SS
$.99 each

Schick Shave Gel $2.50
- Free shave gel WYB razor peelie

Huggies Little Snugglers Size 1 Jumbo pack 40 ct. $10.99
- $2/1 Any Huggies Diapers or Pull-Ups or GoodNites 10 to 156 ct pkg
- $2/1 Huggies Little Snugglers IP
$6.99 each

Total paid $6.32!! Saved $39.49!

Publix trip 8/16 - first of the night

Yes, Tim, my dear husband, I bought more razors. But I only bought them because I wanted the shave gel. I clipped the rest of my $5/1 Schick Hydro coupons from the 8/8 SS and headed out to Publix with my sister. I was able to find enough of the razors with the peelie coupon for free shave gel WYB the razor to use all of my coupons. Well, all except one which I shared with my sister so she could buy one and send off for the rebate. It has to be postmarked by 8/18 so only two days left!

Schick Hydro razor $5.99
- $5/1 razor 8/8 SS
$.99 each

Schick Shave Gel $2.50
- Free shave gel WYB razor peelie

Total paid, for 8 razors and 8 cans of shave gel, $12.68 (subtotal was $7.92, tax was $4.76.)

Saved $91.92!!

Free Kid Cuisine @ Publix starting 8/19

If your Publix accepts Target SQ as a competitor coupon, then you can score some free Kid Cuisine frozen meals starting this Thursday, 8/19.

Kid Cuisine BOGO @ $1.95 each
use two $1/1 Kid Cuisine frozen meal
Make $.05 on two!

Thanks to iheartPublix.com for the Sneak Peak at the upcoming ad!
Click the button to view the whole ad with coupon match-ups.

I Heart Publix

Sunday, August 15, 2010

CVS trip 8/14

I decided to try a different strategy for CVS this week. Some stores activate the new weekly ad the Saturday night before the ad really starts on Sunday. So I headed out Saturday night to see if I could get my deals before the store sold out. Score! It worked! Every deal that I went for was still in stock. Unfortunately, they are still out of two of the deals from the past week, but I do have a rain check for those items and will just patiently wait for them. I did two transactions to roll my ECBs and keep my OOP low.

Transaction #1
Raisin Bran and Cornflakes 3/$10
- $1/2 Raisin Bran MQ
- $.75/1 Cornflakes MQ
$2.75 each, Earned $5 ECB ($1.08 each after ECBs)

J&J First aid kits $.97 each
- $3/3 MQ

Calibur notebooks 2/$1
- $1/2 SQ from coupon kiosk

(6) SoBe BOGO @ $1.59 each
- BOGO coupon from heads or tails game

Milk $3.19
Earned $1 ECB

Paid $5 ECB, paid $6.68 OOP, Earned $6 ECB

Transaction #2
(6) SoBe BOGO @ $1.59 each
- BOGO coupon from heads or tails game

Milk $3.19
Earned $1 ECB

Blink Tears $7.99
- $1.50/1 MQ Print here (scroll to bottom and click "Coupon Download")
Earned $7.99 ECB
$1.50 money maker!

Paid $6 ECB, paid $4.02 OOP, Earned $8.99 ECB

I have a ton more of the SoBe coupons so I'll be getting more of those free. And if I keep getting the $1/2 off Calibur stationary product coupons, I'll pick up more of the free notebooks. We can never get enough notebooks for homeschooling.

Publix trip 8/14

Yes, I ended up at Publix again, but I'm so glad I stopped! First, be sure to pick up the new green flyer that started 8/14. There is another $5/1 Thermacare coupon!! So if you're like me and couldn't find enough before the old coupon expired, you get a second chance! So glad I didn't toss those MQs. There are also some other good deals and coupons in the flyer. I also wanted to try and score some free organic juice boxes, but my store doesn't take Whole Foods coupons as competitor coupons. So no luck there. And I wanted some more free shave gel because $.99 for a nice razor AND shave gel is such a good price. I ended up finding4 boxes of the Thermacare and was able to pay for the razor and shave gel with overage and still have $3 overage to spend! I have never tried to make the store pay me cash for overage and never will. I'll just pick up something else that we need or that I want. I had been oh so tempted to buy the Starbucks Fraps earlier in the week since they are B2G1 and I had a $1/1 coupon. And I'm glad I waited because I was able to use the $3 overage towards my splurge item!

ThermaCare $6.99 each
- $3/1 MQ
- $5/1 SQ Publix green flyer
$1.01 money maker on each!

Hydro 3 razor $5.99
- $5/1 MQ

Hydro Shave gel $2.50
- Free WYB Razor peelie

Starbucks Frappuccino B2G1 @ $5.99 each
- $1/1 MQ IP
$10.98 or $3.66 each 4 pack

Total Paid $8.53 OOP, Saved $50.48!

CVS trip 8/13

Crest Pro Health Rinse $3.99 each (rain check from the sale a week or so ago)
- $2/1 MQ
Earned $5 ECBs
$.97 for all 3 or $.32 each!! This is normally $6.99 per bottle!

Brownie Bowls BOGO @ $2.29
- $.75/1 MQ
$.40 each

J & J First Aid kits $.97 each
- $3/3 MQ (I almost out of these coupons LOL)

Calibur pencils 2/$1
- $1/2 SQ from coupon kiosk

Paid $4 ECBs, $3.53 OOP, Earned $5 ECBs

Publix trip 8/13

I was lucky enough to find another box of ThermaCare the day my coupons expired. And we needed beans for dinner Saturday night.

ThermaCare $6.99
- $3/1 MQ
- $5/1 SQ Publix green flyer
$1.01 money maker!

Pork & Beans
$1.39 each
- no coupons, but they were on sale. And it was cheaper to buy 3 smaller cans instead of 1 larger. Always try to compare the unit price.

Paid $3.16, Saved $8.60

Walgreens trip 8/13

I made a quick stop at Walgreens on Friday to use my $6 RR. I was hoping to score some more of the $2.29 deodorant that was giving a $3 RR, but the beauty counter saleslady was kind enough to tell me that it wasn't giving the RR anymore. They pulled it since the price was lower than the RR. Bummer!

But I still managed to score some deals and spend my $6 RR! Always make sure to check the clearance. I got 3 Christmas gifts for cheap because they were 75% off!

Kotex U 2/$7
- $2/1 Walgreens SQ from August book (takes off $4)
- $1/1 MQ
2 boxes for $1

Princess game set - originally $9.99
$2.49 each

Twist & Change Robot - originally $6.99
$1.74 each

Paid $6 RR, $1.88 OOP

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Stalk For Savings!

Blog hop time!

Saturday Stalk

Blog hopping is a great way to find blogs you wouldn't have found otherwise. Spend a few minutes blog-hopping and find some for yourself!

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Publix trips 8/12 - yes, I made two!

Trip #1

This morning the kids and I went to Publix and did our "big" shopping for the week. I was eager to get my BOGO deals and some meat and produce. I ended up spending way more than I planned, but it was stuff - like meat - that was on sale, but rarely has coupons. I also made a mistake on one of the BOGO sales and bought 2 of the Aunt Jemima waffles which were not BOGO, only the pancakes were. Oh well, I did have a coupon so I didn't pay full price, but I was still mad at myself.

I got some great deals, but I didn't have a chance to take a picture. I had coupons from the paper, IPs, Target coupons, and a few from the Kelloggs Fuel for School booklet. It had some great coupons in it this week that go with the BOGO sales. For instance, buy two Mini-Wheats, save $2 on Ocean Spray juice. Mini-wheats are BOGO, I had a MQ and a Target SQ so I paid $1.10 per box for two boxes. I then saved $2 on Ocean Spray Cran-grape juice which was BOGO, making it just $.48 per bottle!! So for $3.16, I got 2 boxes of cereal and 2 bottles of juice. All stuff we will use. Another was buy two Cheez-its, save $2 on school supplies. The cheez-its were BOGO, but unfortunately I didn't have any coupons. We needed crackers anyways and BOGO is better than full price so I bought 2 boxes for $3.99, or $1.99 each. I then got 6 one subject notebooks which were 3/$1. I saved $2 making them free! So for $3.99, I got 2 boxes of crackers and 6 notebooks - again stuff we use! The last one I used was buy two fruit snacks and save $2 on store brand bread. The fruit snacks were on sale, but not BOGO, but I did have a coupon. They were $1.99 a box and I had one $1/1 coupon (my computer wouldn't let me print two - GRR), making them $1.49 a box. I then saved $2 on two loaves of bread that were $1.07 each. For $3.12, I got 2 boxes of fruit snacks - which made my kids very happy - and 2 loaves of bread! French toast in the morning! And with all those Kelloggs products, I can send off for a $5 Publix gift card. You can find that deal here.

I also bought some other pricey stuff....a $11 pork roast (yummy pulled pork this weekend!), 15 bottles of gatorade for $10 (remember the 10 for $10, plus the get 5 free WYB 10?), beef stew meat for $4.21, milk, eggs, etc.

My total paid, including tax, was $74.21, with a savings of $65.69. Not my best, but Tim reminded me that I got quite a few things that rarely have coupons and that we needed. Still, I don't like to spend more than I save.

Trip #2

We went out tonight to Toys R Us (Joshua bought Super Mario Bros for the Wii - I can't wait to play!) and Best Buy (looking at new computers for me). I convinced Tim to let me run into a different Publix to look for the Thermacare patches and get more BOGO mac-n-cheese since it beat Sam's Club price. I scored majorly!!

10 boxes Kraft mac-n-cheese BOGO @ $1.07, or $.53 each

2 Bic Pencils 3/$3, or $1 each
- $1/1 MQ
- $1/1 Target SQ

1 Combat Roach killer $3.99
- $1/1 blinkie
- $3/1 Publix SQ from the yellow BBQ flyer

5 Combat Ant killers $3.69
- $1/1 blinkie
- $3/1 Publix SQ from the yellow BBQ flyer
$ .31 money maker on each for a total of $1.55!

3 Thermacare heat patches $6.99
- $5/1 Publix SQ from the green flyer (expires tomorrow)
- $3/1 MQ
$1.01 money maker on each for a total of $3.03!

My total was $.76!!! I paid $1.72 in sales tax for a grand total of $2.48 for everything pictured!! Total saved was $66.93, a 98% savings!!! This is definitely my best yet and it made me feel much better about this morning's trip. I'll be saving this receipt for awhile!! So, know anybody with an ant problem? :-)

CVS trip 8/12

We went back to CVS today, but apparently we went too early. The truck had made it, there were boxes everywhere, but not everything had made it to the shelf yet. Lesson learned: next time, go later in the day. But they did get more of the razors and shaving cream stocked so I went ahead and got that and jelly. I only did one transaction and just saved my ECBs for next time.

Welchs jelly 3/$5 or $1.67 each
- $1/2 MQ
$1.17 each - this beats Sam's Club prices!

Schick Hydro Razor $8.97
- $5/1 MQ
Earned $4 ECBs

Schick Hydro shaving cream $3.99
- $3.99/1 - peelie from razor for free shaving cream wyb the razor

Total paid $1 ECB, $8.51 OOP, Earned $4 ECBs.

I went ahead and got a rain check for the 6 brownie bowls I want and the money-maker dulcolax. I'm not sure when I'll make it back and I didn't want to miss out.

FREE shave gel!

If you haven't picked up your Hydro razor from CVS yet, be sure to look for the coupon for free shave gel on the package. I scored mine!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Helping the Homeless

When I first started extreme couponing, one of my goals was to be able to share what God has blessed us with, and in doing so, instill in my children a love for serving others. God brought a verse to my attention today, the very day I had planned on having the kids make up our gift bags for the homeless.
All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I was eager to do.
Galatians 2:10 (NIV)
What a great verse for today! God wants us to remember the poor. It's easy in our busy lives to forget that there are people out there that need help. It's easy to think that someone else will do it. But God commands us to love one another. He doesn't command us to let someone else love them, He commands us. He also commands us to be a light unto the world. What better way to be a light than to show someone that because God loves them, we love them. We love them enough to take of our time and money to try and make a difference in their life.

The kids were so excited about this project! I asked them why we should give to the homeless and got various answers. Because they don't have food. They don't have a house. God wants us to. When I asked what the best gift we could give them was, Leanna shouted Jesus!! Of course she's right. They all agreed that even if a person is homeless, if they have Jesus in their heart then they'll be happier.

Our "gift bags" were inspired by my mother-in-law whose church does these. We had 20 gallon size ziploc bags to fill. My intentions were to leave some in the car to have to pass out if we saw someone on the side of the road asking for food or money. Today I read online that it's a good idea to go to a local soup kitchen or homeless shelter and pass them out there. I would like to find someplace close (and safe) that Tim and I can take the kids to and let them pass them out. They can experience the joy of sharing with those less fortunate and I think it will be more real to them. Below are pictures of each item we put in every bag and also an approximate cost that I spent. For about $7 (the bags cost about $2), we will be able to make a difference for 20 people. That's $.35 per person, but it could be priceless to someone.

Bottle of water
Free @ Walgreens
store coupon and RR

Free @ Publix
BOGO sale and BOGO coupons

$2.50 for a 12 pack @ Publix
BOGO sale and coupons

First Aid kit
Free @ CVS, Target

Cereal bar
less than $1 for a box of 8 @ Target
sale and coupons

given to us

Crystal Light drink mix singles
given to us

Tract sharing the plan of salvation and church info
Free @ church

As you can see, the kids had a blast doing this. They were so proud of themselves also, in a good way. I think it will have a deep impact on them when we get to actually hand them out. Hopefully, they will learn that homeless people are just that, people. Just like us.

Walgreens trip 8/11

I ran in Walgreens real quick tonight searching for more of the money making deodorant. Unfortunately, my store was all out. Bummer!! But I did go ahead and score some cheap personal items.

U liners $2/7
- $2/1 SQ from the monthly booklet (took $4 off)
- $1/1 MQ - used two

Total paid $1.49 OOP for both boxes!
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