Thursday, August 12, 2010

Publix trips 8/12 - yes, I made two!

Trip #1

This morning the kids and I went to Publix and did our "big" shopping for the week. I was eager to get my BOGO deals and some meat and produce. I ended up spending way more than I planned, but it was stuff - like meat - that was on sale, but rarely has coupons. I also made a mistake on one of the BOGO sales and bought 2 of the Aunt Jemima waffles which were not BOGO, only the pancakes were. Oh well, I did have a coupon so I didn't pay full price, but I was still mad at myself.

I got some great deals, but I didn't have a chance to take a picture. I had coupons from the paper, IPs, Target coupons, and a few from the Kelloggs Fuel for School booklet. It had some great coupons in it this week that go with the BOGO sales. For instance, buy two Mini-Wheats, save $2 on Ocean Spray juice. Mini-wheats are BOGO, I had a MQ and a Target SQ so I paid $1.10 per box for two boxes. I then saved $2 on Ocean Spray Cran-grape juice which was BOGO, making it just $.48 per bottle!! So for $3.16, I got 2 boxes of cereal and 2 bottles of juice. All stuff we will use. Another was buy two Cheez-its, save $2 on school supplies. The cheez-its were BOGO, but unfortunately I didn't have any coupons. We needed crackers anyways and BOGO is better than full price so I bought 2 boxes for $3.99, or $1.99 each. I then got 6 one subject notebooks which were 3/$1. I saved $2 making them free! So for $3.99, I got 2 boxes of crackers and 6 notebooks - again stuff we use! The last one I used was buy two fruit snacks and save $2 on store brand bread. The fruit snacks were on sale, but not BOGO, but I did have a coupon. They were $1.99 a box and I had one $1/1 coupon (my computer wouldn't let me print two - GRR), making them $1.49 a box. I then saved $2 on two loaves of bread that were $1.07 each. For $3.12, I got 2 boxes of fruit snacks - which made my kids very happy - and 2 loaves of bread! French toast in the morning! And with all those Kelloggs products, I can send off for a $5 Publix gift card. You can find that deal here.

I also bought some other pricey stuff....a $11 pork roast (yummy pulled pork this weekend!), 15 bottles of gatorade for $10 (remember the 10 for $10, plus the get 5 free WYB 10?), beef stew meat for $4.21, milk, eggs, etc.

My total paid, including tax, was $74.21, with a savings of $65.69. Not my best, but Tim reminded me that I got quite a few things that rarely have coupons and that we needed. Still, I don't like to spend more than I save.

Trip #2

We went out tonight to Toys R Us (Joshua bought Super Mario Bros for the Wii - I can't wait to play!) and Best Buy (looking at new computers for me). I convinced Tim to let me run into a different Publix to look for the Thermacare patches and get more BOGO mac-n-cheese since it beat Sam's Club price. I scored majorly!!

10 boxes Kraft mac-n-cheese BOGO @ $1.07, or $.53 each

2 Bic Pencils 3/$3, or $1 each
- $1/1 MQ
- $1/1 Target SQ

1 Combat Roach killer $3.99
- $1/1 blinkie
- $3/1 Publix SQ from the yellow BBQ flyer

5 Combat Ant killers $3.69
- $1/1 blinkie
- $3/1 Publix SQ from the yellow BBQ flyer
$ .31 money maker on each for a total of $1.55!

3 Thermacare heat patches $6.99
- $5/1 Publix SQ from the green flyer (expires tomorrow)
- $3/1 MQ
$1.01 money maker on each for a total of $3.03!

My total was $.76!!! I paid $1.72 in sales tax for a grand total of $2.48 for everything pictured!! Total saved was $66.93, a 98% savings!!! This is definitely my best yet and it made me feel much better about this morning's trip. I'll be saving this receipt for awhile!! So, know anybody with an ant problem? :-)


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