Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Walgreens trip 8/31

I had $5 RR from last week to spend and there were a couple freebies and good deals I wanted to snag. I always get very confused at Walgreens with the whole "filler" thing and also making sure not to pay for something that gives a RR with a RR from the same company. Couponers aren't kidding when they say Walgreens is a tough one! But if you can manage to keep things straight, you can score some great deals there. Overall, I don't think I did too bad except for the $.69 peanut M&Ms filler item. But they are my favorite so it's not like I won't eat them.

Transaction #1
3 John Frieda conditioner 3/$15 or $5 each
- $3/1 MQ
Earned $5 RR (made them $.33 each!)
(month long deal for Sept)

Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm $2 each
Earned $2 RR

Paid $5 RR, paid $4.05 OOP
Earned $7 RR

Transaction #2
Starbucks Frappuccino drinks 2/$10
- $1/1 MQ
- $1/2 SQ monthly booklet
$3.50 each

Breathe Right strips $4 each
Earned $4 RR

Nice & Easy hair color $7.99
- $3/1 in-ad SQ
- $2/1 MQ
$2.99 each

M&Ms $.69

Paid $7 RR, paid $8.36 OOP
Earned $4 RR

Transaction #3
Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm $2 each
Earned $2 RR

Paid $2 OOP
Earned $2 RR

I started with $5 RR, paid a total of $14.41 OOP, and ended with $6 RR.

If I used the correct regular price for all of the items purchases, the merchandise value for everything is $51. That's a savings of approx. 74%!

Oh and for the people that say couponing is a waste of time because you end up buying stuff you won't use, I will use all of these items. Did I need them all? No, maybe not. But I love lip balm, I do use the breathe right strips when I'm congested and feel like spending money on them, I have been wanting to color my hair, I was paying at least $2+ for my shampoo/conditioner, and with all my savings don't I deserve a Starbucks? LOL Besides, $.88 for a bottle is cheaper than $4-$5 for a coffee.


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