Wednesday, September 1, 2010

CVS trip 8/31

Yes, I realize I was just at two different CVS stores yesterday. So why did I go back again tonight? Well, last night the wonderful coupon kiosk gave me a $6 off any Prevacid SQ!! And I remembered from the ad that there is an ECB deal this week. And I knew that there was a $4/1 MQ out there. But unfortunately, I didn't have the $4/1 coupon with me. Then there was the fact that my printer was completely out of black ink and wouldn't print any more coupons. And I remembered that CVS had a HP ink cartridge deal (buy 2, save $10) and that by buying those high price items, I could use one of the many $10/$50 SQs I've been getting from the kiosk. Score! And I wanted to do the cereal/milk ECB deal and the stores last night didn't have the cereal I wanted. Besides, since learning that you can get so much stuff at CVS for so little, it's become one of my favorite stores. I was a little disappointed tonight though when the kiosk didn't spit out even one coupon for me. Bummer.

Transaction #1
2 HP 94 Black ink cartridges $27.99 each
- $10 instant savings WYB 2 HP cartridges
$22.99 each

I just checked a Sam's Club receipt to do a price comparison. I bought a 3-pack of HP cartridges, 2 black and 1 color, for $68.32, or $22.77 each. I wouldn't have been able to use my $10/$50 SQ if I didn't buy the cartridges, so I'm applying that $10 savings towards these, making them $17.99 each. That beats Sam's Club price!

Prevacid 42 ct. $24.99
- $6 SQ from kiosk
- $4/1 MQ
Earned $7 ECBs

Paid $6.99 ECBs, paid $46.75 OOP
Earned $7 ECB

I didn't want to use more of my ECBs for this because I didn't want to waste them on a normal household expense like printer ink. Selfish? Maybe, but I'm stingy with my ECBs.

Transaction #2
TG Lee milk $3.19
- $1/1 MQ from their website (you can print 2 every 2 months)

Raisin Bran Crunch 2/$6
- $1/2 MQ
$2.50 each
Earned $3 ECBs for buying 2 cereals and milk

Paid $7 ECBs, paid $.19 OOP
Earned $3 ECBs

$4.19 for 2 boxes of cereal and a gallon of milk is really great in my book! This deal has a limit of 2 so I plan on going back for more before the end of the week. I started out with $25.99 ECBs and ended with $22 ECBs. For $4 ECBs and $50.94 OOP, I got all of the above items. Somewhere else, the ink cartridges alone would have cost about $45 or a little higher. See why I love CVS?


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