Thursday, September 2, 2010

Publix trip 9/2

I like shopping Publix on Thursday, the day the new ad starts, and getting it out of the way for the week. I had another great trip today. Well, other than the fact that my 4 kids drove me nuts pretty much the entire time we were in the store! Leanna is now obsessed with collecting tickets/coupons/blinkies for her "game." Yes, my daughter plays with coupons. The boys were just mischievous as usual. And I was tired, having just come from 2 hours at the dentist with all of them. But we survived, although the "I hafta go pooooootty" when we were just getting to the check-out nearly sent me over the edge. I got some great deals, a couple free things, a little overage, and plenty of meat and fresh produce! Not pictured are the two Boston butt roasts (for pulled pork!) and the two pork spareribs. I added up just the produce and meat (not counting the hotdogs - are those meat!? LOL) and the total was about $38. It brings my savings percentage down, but Tim won't have to say that I'm buying all snack type food and nothing to cook with. I also got a few things for our donation pile.

A few of the best deals:

Wisk 50oz - 32 loads $4.49 each
- $3/1 MQ from Sunday's paper
$1.49 each

Ball Park Beef Franks BOGO @ $3.99 each
- $2/1 IP from Facebook page - no longer available

Yoplait Yo-plus BOGO @ $2.50 each
- $1/1 IP - thanks to my wonderful sister for the heads up on this one!
$.25 each!

Mueller's Pasta BOGO @ $1.19 each
- $2/5 IP from their website
$.26 each

Newman's Own Pasa Sauce BOGO @ $2.69
- $1.50/2 IP from their website
$.60 each

Cheez-its BOGO @ $3.99
- $1/2 MQ
$1.50 each - not the best price for crackers, but the best I can usually get for Cheez-its and my family loves them

Foohys erasers $1.09 each
- $2 off school supplies WYB 2 Cheez-its - Kelloggs Fuel for School flyer
$.91 overage!

I used a $5/5 Kraft IP on the following 5 items to save $1 off each item

2 Breakstones 16 oz. sour cream $2/2
- $2

2 Kraft 8 oz. shredded cheese $2/2
- two $.55/1 Publix SQ
- $2
$.45 each

Kraft cheese singles $2/2
- $1
$1 each

I also used a $10/$50 Publix SQ from the weekly flyer that I got in the mail yesterday.

Total spent OOP $60.43, total saved $113.57!
65% savings!

I had $49.10 in coupon savings and $64.47 in special price savings. Not bad!!

If you want to score some of these same deals, check out Southern Savers - Publix Weekly Ad.


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