Monday, August 16, 2010

Publix trip 8/16 - first of the night

Yes, Tim, my dear husband, I bought more razors. But I only bought them because I wanted the shave gel. I clipped the rest of my $5/1 Schick Hydro coupons from the 8/8 SS and headed out to Publix with my sister. I was able to find enough of the razors with the peelie coupon for free shave gel WYB the razor to use all of my coupons. Well, all except one which I shared with my sister so she could buy one and send off for the rebate. It has to be postmarked by 8/18 so only two days left!

Schick Hydro razor $5.99
- $5/1 razor 8/8 SS
$.99 each

Schick Shave Gel $2.50
- Free shave gel WYB razor peelie

Total paid, for 8 razors and 8 cans of shave gel, $12.68 (subtotal was $7.92, tax was $4.76.)

Saved $91.92!!


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