Thursday, July 29, 2010

CVS trip 7/28

I made a quick stop into CVS tonight and I'm so glad I did! First, the special coupon printer printed out a another $10/$50 coupon for me! Remember, I got one Sunday? And, when I paid, at the bottom of my receipt was another $10/$50 coupon! How did I get so lucky??

I only bought 3 things on one transaction.

Arm & Hammer laundry detergent $3.50 ea
Kotex U $4.99
- $1/2 MQ (arm & hammer 7/18 SS)
- $1/1 MQ (kotex IP - print here)
paid $9.99 ECB, $.14 OOP
Earned $6.99 ECB

My total cost was really $3.14 if you count the $3 ECBs (paid $9.99 ECB and only earned $6.99 ECB sets me back $3 ECB). Not bad considering we usually spend $2.99+ on one bottle of laundry detergent!


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