Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Target Shopping Trip 7/20

Today's trip to Target was a little disappointing. I was prepared with my list and coupons in hand. There were several deals that I had read about on various blogs so I was on the hunt. Unfortunately, a few of those didn't happen.

I swear I read somewhere that 12-packs of Mtn. Dew were on sale for $3 something and with my $1/1 SQs, I was prepared to buy four 12-packs for $2 something. Well, turns out the Dew at my store wasn't on sale. Refiled the coupons and moved on.

Next was the Colgate toothpaste with bonus travel size and $10 coupon booklet with SQs for $2.98. I had $1/1 SQ and $1/1 MQ so I would end up paying $.98. Turns out the toothpaste was regular and my MQ was only for "advanced". Yes, I may have been able to squeak by with this one, if the coupon had scanned and gone unnoticed. But one of the things I learned at the coupon workshop was about coupon fraud. You should always purchase the exact product that the coupon is worded for. So that was a deal breaker.

On to the Clean and Clear face soap. The $3/1 SQ I printed was only for the $14.99 soap, not the $4.99 soap like I had thought. Another bum deal. I do have $2/1 MQ and I can print a $1/1 SQ so I will be able to go back and get the $3.42 face soap for only $.42! Good deal, if I get my computer back and my printer hooked up before Saturday.

Let's talk about the stuff I actually did buy! I did fairly well on everything I got. The Pampers were $19.99 each, earn a $5 GC WYB 2. I just got a $3/1 MQ in the mail last week and matched with a $2/1 SQ I saved $5 off one box! The other box I had a $2/1 MQ and a $2/1 SQ, so I saved $4 off that box. Combine that with the $5 GC I earned and it was a total savings of $14! You can't beat $13 for a box of diapers. And we've been going through a lot of these lately.

The Hanes socks were on sale for $3.79 and I had a $1/1 SQ for each pack. Two were IPs and one was a mobile coupon. If you aren't signed up for Target mobile coupons, you can go here to get signed up. It was pretty cool, I had never done that before. Six pairs of socks for $2.79 is a deal I can't pass up considering how rough my boys are on socks. If I have to tell them one more time not to go outside in their socks....

Have you tried the new Pretzel M&Ms? This was actually an impulse buy. On sale for $2.49 combined with a $1/1 SQ, it just seemed right at the moment. And as you can see from the above picture, my husband and I have already eaten half the bag. They aren't my favorite, but they aren't bad.

Next up we have three 20 ct. Always liners. I had three $1/1 MQ and these were $.94 each. My Target store does not give overage so when scanned, the coupon automatically adjusted down to the price of the item. So I didn't make $.06, but I still got them free!

I was very excited yesterday to see that Target had Mitchum deodarant on sale for $1.99 and that there was a $1/1 MQ in the 7/18 SS! I clipped 6 coupons to buy 3 for me and 3 for my husband. The coupon stated "on ANY Mitchum or Mitchum for Women product." Right here is where I ran into trouble. The coupon scanned and came up "item not purchased." Well, duh, I can see all 6 deodarants right there and I can clearly read the coupon. The cashier said no. I calmly asked to speak to a manager, whom she quickly called over. He looked at my items and the coupons then told her to take them off. Now this wasn't your typical Target cashier. Honestly, I'm not sure how she got hired there. She took them off, then said she didn't want to do it or finish my order, that she would have another manager ring me up. She voided everything and I had to unpack what was already bagged. She walks away, talks to someone, then comes back and starts ringing me up again. Then she sees the new manager and tells me again, I don't want to do this, I'm going to let her ring you up. Off she walks. The new manager comes over, voids out the order again and proceeds to lay out all my coupons with the item it goes with. I was so tempted to whip out my cell phone and take a picture, but I resisted the urge. All in all, I got my $6 in MQs taken off and my deodarant was $.99 each. I also watched very, very carefully to make sure she did all my other coupons properly. It was very nerve-wracking!

I bought a few other things. The slip n'slide was clearanced at $6.32, ground beef was on sale $2.99/lb. so I bought 4, strawberries, batteries and a $5.99 can of formula that I had a $5 check for. I'll be giving that to a friend who has a friend in need of it.

The last thing I bought were books. Around this time each year, the Dollar Spot is filled with school supplies! If you've seen our bookshelf, you know that our family is a firm believer in the motto "you can never have too many books." I picked up two workbooks for Leanna since I can't seem to keep enough on hand for her. She told me the other day that it has just been so long since we've done school. She's my little scholar. I also got 7 easy readers for Joshua and the girls when they're ready for them. These type of books usually run about $4 each! For $1 each, I couldn't pass them up.

Overall, my trip was successful. According to my receipt, I spent $88.18 and saved $43.72. Not too bad! I have to say that I don't like the way Target's receipts print. Half the coupons print out along with the item throughout the receipt and half print out at the bottom. It makes it difficult for me to keep up with all the coupons I used. This was my first ever Target trip where I have received poor customer service so that affected my attitude towards the whole experience. The cashier was downright unprofessional by refusing to ring my order just because I had a valid coupon that her computer didn't want to accept for some reason. Especially after her manager told her to take them. Oh well, it still beat shopping at Walmart any day. ;)


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