Saturday, July 17, 2010

Free Cereal!

I scored free cereal last night at Publix! I've been saving four $1/1 for the new Kellogg's Cinnabon cereal. I found the cereal last night $1.99 for a 10oz box. Pricey stuff! I paid $4 for 4 boxes after my coupons. And each box has a rebate form to try it free! I paid cash, 2 boxes on 1 receipt and 2 on another. I'll do one rebate form for my mom's name and address and one for mine. And she will be kind enough to give me the $2 when it comes, meaning I get my $4 back! Can't beat totally free cereal!

Now I know you're looking at the box and thinking that it's junk, sugar cereal. But cereal in our house is a treat, not an every day thing. And I often eat it as a dessert in the evening if I'm craving something sweet. So this works for us!


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