Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another Walgreens trip 7/23

After my disappointing morning trip, I still decided to try again at a different store. What can I say, I really wanted that Rough Skin Eraser! And as you can see from my picture, I got lucky! To minimize my OOP, I again did multiple transactions, three this time. The cashier was very nice, I assume she's used to people doing this.

Transaction #1
5.8oz Colgate toothpaste $3.49
- $1 MQ
paid $2.74 OOP
Earned $3.50 RR

Transaction #2
(2) Dr. Scholl's Rough Skin Eraser $7.29 each (I'm not sure why they weren't $6.99 like at other stores)
- $5 SQ (from the monthly coupon booklet found in stores) deducted $10 automatically because I bought two
paid $3.50 RR, $2.11 OOP
Earned $5 RR

Transaction #3
(2) 400 sheet copy paper $3.79 each
(2) Kraft mac-n-cheese $1.49 each
- $1.60 SQ (coupon from weekly ad for mac-n-cheese)
-$3.60 SQ (coupon from weekly ad for paper)
paid $5 RR, $.64 OOP

For all the above items, I paid a grand total of $5.49 OOP!!! I typically spend about $4 on a ream of copy paper at Target so I was very pleased with this trip. All stuff we use!! Tim was excited about that and the fact there was no junk food involved.

Now if I can just find the time to exfoliate my feet with my new lotion....

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