Tuesday, August 10, 2010

CVS trip 8/9

Yes, I was just there last night. I wasn't planning on going back. Really, I wasn't. But last night I got a $1/2 SQ that expires today for Folgers coffee from the coupon kiosk. I'm nearly out of coffee. And I found a MQ for $.25/1 Folgers. So I decided that since I was out already and passing right by the CVS, I would stop in real quick. I scanned my card at the coupon kiosk and got another coupon for $1/2 Calibur products, another $10/$50, and a few other ones. I think the kiosk loves me!! I have three $10/$50 coupons now and am not even going to be able to use them all.

Folgers Decaf coffee $3.50 each
- $1/2 SQ
- $.25 MQ
$2.75 each

Calibur 24 pk pencils $.50 each
- $1/2 SQ

Paid $2 ECBs, paid $3.57 OOP

Not bad considering I priced the coffee at Target and for one container it was $5 and some change. Happy with this trip.


  1. Want me to send you coffee coupons I get? :)

  2. Your Momma could use your coupons :) Ewwwww Folgers Decafe. Just what we like. :) Waiting for you to wake up, but it is 6:40. Tad early for you.
    I have all my coupons ready to head out this morning. Than tomorrow pack. Ginny is suppose to visit, but I am not sure. Don't want to overdue for our Anniversary get away. :>


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