Friday, September 17, 2010

Walgreens trip 9/12

This was a crazy Walgreens trip. Two stores and seven transactions! I had things all planned out, but then I got off plan and went crazy. I ended up spending a total of $2 RR and $16.12 OOP. I earned RR on the toothpaste and Impruv lotion, but spent them all before I left the store. I think my *cost* for everything was $17.14, but 'm having trouble figuring it all out.

Since these deals are from last week anyways, I'm just going to give a summary of what I bought.

17 bags of chex mix $.99 each
- $.50/1 MQ on each
$.49 each or $8.33 total

10 Trident gum $1.00 each
- $1/2 SQ monthly coupon booklet
$.50 each or $5.00 total

Children's Tylenol $1.74 (this was a filler I found on clearance)

Hasbro card game $1.62 (another filler I found on clearance)

3 Colgate $2.99 each
- $1/1 MQ
$1.99 each
Earned $2 RR each

2 Impruv Lotion $4.99 each
- $2/1 MQ
$2.99 each
Earned $4.99 RR each

Again, everything may not add up right. It was very confusing so I'm just looking at the bottom line. $16.12 came out of my wallet for all of the above stuff and my receipt total savings is $88.31. One of the problems which confuses the whole thing is that I forgot to give one of my $2/1 coupons. The manager was very nice about it and refunded it to me, but instead of $2 I got $2.14, so I got back the tax on the coupon. Strange, but I'll take it.


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