Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Walgreens trip 9/4

This Walgreens trip was quite the experience. The manager was rude and a cashier were both pretty rude. And I'm pretty sure the manager lied to me. I used a $2/1 coupon for a $1.50 item and she adjusted the coupon down to not give the overage. I was completely fine with that, but I wasn't fine with her telling me that the store doesn't get the overage. I'm pretty sure that's not true. But whatever. Walgreens is not my favorite store and unless the deal is great, I usually avoid it.

7 Purina One Dog food 6 oz. 2/$3 (these rang up $1.99 each which is what started the whole fiasco)
- $2/1 coupon adjusted down to $1.50/1

7 Purina One Cat food 6 oz. 2/$3 (these rang up $1.99 each also)
- $2/1 coupon adjusted down to $1.50/1

Playtex Princess sippy cup clearanced to $1.99 each (for Liberty for Christmas)

2 Tylenol Precise Cream $7.99 each
- $5/1 in-ad coupon
- $2/1 tearpad coupon
$.99 each

Carmex lip balm $2 each
Earned $2 RR

Paid $4 RR, paid $3.58 OOP
Earned $2 RR

Receipt says I saved $39.99!


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