Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CVS trip 10/3

Shopping CVS is so much more fun at midnight! My sister and I had quite a few laughs over my masks and the blond wig she bought. We also went to 2 different stores. And no, I didn't get much sleep that night!

The cashier totally messed up on my first transaction. I didn't realize it until AFTER we left the store, otherwise I would have went back. He scanned one of my Revlon $1 coupons twice and he didn't ring up the beauty charm, but he still used the coupon that made the beauty charm free! So I saved $3.49 that I shouldn't have.

Transaction #1
4 Revlon Nail polish $3.99 each
- $1/1 MQ
$2.99 each
Earned $3 ECBs on each

Beauty Charm $0 (because he didn't ring it up, just put it in my bag)
- $2.49 free Beauty Charm WYB $15 of beauty products

Used $7 off WYB $15 Revlon coupon from the kiosk

Paid $.99 ECB, paid $1.43 OOP ($.95 of that was tax!)
Earned $12 ECBs

I earned $9.58 in ECBs for buying nail polish!!

Transaction #2
1 Revlon Nail polish $3.99 each
- $1/1 MQ
$2.99 each
Earned $3 ECBs

Bengay pain relief $5.99 each
- $3/1 IP
$2.99 each
Earned $2 ECBs

Schick Hydro razor $8.97 each
- $4/1 MQ
$4.97 each
Earned $5 ECBs

Renu contact solution $7.99 each
- $1/1 IP
$6.99 each
Earned $7.99 ECBs

Used $5/$25 CVS coupon - I think I got this from my email.

Paid $12 ECBs, paid $1.81 OOP ($.87 in tax)
Earned $17.99 ECBs

I earned $4.18 in ECBs to buy these 4 things!

The M&Ms on the next transaction rang up wrong. I wanted the BOGO @ $.89 each that was in the new ad, but instead they rang up 2/$1 that was in the previous ad. I didn't notice until I was gone and really, it wasn't that big of a deal considering how well I did with my other stuff.

Transaction #3
3 M&M Peanuts $.50 each
- Free M&Ms coupon from the mail
$1.00 for all 3

3 Funny Faces mask $1.99 each
- $5 off Halloween coupon from kiosk

Total paid OOP $2.15

Not bad considering I needed masks for a homeschool project and was planning on spending more than this on them. My net profit (in ECBs) from CVS was $11.61. Score!


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