Monday, November 15, 2010

CVS trip 11/14

All one transaction today with 92% savings! $39.44 of stuff for $3.35!

(2) Rice Krispies 2/$4, earn $1 ECB WYB 2
I had a coupon, but apparently it didn't get scanned. Bummer!
$2 each
Earned $1 ECB

(2) Dial bodywash BOGO @ $5.89
$1.95 each

(1) Dry Idea $2.99 each, earn $1 ECB
$1.99 each
Earned $1 ECB

(1) Blistex $1.69 each, earn $1.50 ECBs
The ECBs didn't print for this one so I wasn't sure if the one I picked up was included. I went back and asked about it and he manually printed it. It printed for $2 ECBs because according to him, if they manually print ECBs, it automatically rounds it up. Score!
Earned $2 ECBs

(1) Fiber One bars $3.99 each, earn $3 ECBs
$3.49 each
Earned $3 ECBs

(1) Freestyle Lite monitor $14.99 each, earn $5 ECBs
- $10/1 Freestyle lite monitor 9/12 SS
$4.99 each
Earned $5 ECBs

Total paid $13 ECBs, paid $2.35 OOP
Earned $12 ECBs. Final cost $3.35!

I lost $1 ECB because of the $1 coupon that didn't get scanned, but I've had other trips where a coupon was scanned twice so I'm not complaining. The body wash, cereal, fiber bars and blistex are for us and the monitor and deodorant are to donate.

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  1. Nice selection with great savings! There are a lot of errors in this hobby! Thanks for linking up your CVS shopping trip at Simply CVS.


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