Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Walgreens trip 10/31 - second trip

Later in the day, I made two more stops at two different Walgreens. I ended up doing better than I planned due to cashier error. It was actually a supervisor and cashier who both overlooked the fact that one of my items didn't ring up. I didn't realize it until hours later when I was looking at my receipt trying to figure out why the RR didn't print and it had to be printed manually.

Transaction #1
 (3) Purina One pet food (2 dog, 1 cat) $1.99 each
- $2/1 Purina One dog/cat food 10/17 SS
$.03 overage - the last coupon did beep, but the cashier did an override without questioning it

(5) Olay body wash $3.74 each, spend $30, earn $10 RR
- $5/1 Olay body wash WYB any Secret product 10/31 P&G
Here's where the mess-up happened. I bought (5) so that my total for the body washes would be $18.70 and I could use (3) $5 coupons without having anything beep. She only rang up (4) and still used the (3) coupons for $15 off. Because she didn't ring up the last one, my total was also under $30 causing my RR to not print. She called a supervisor who looked at my receipt and then manually printed me the $10 RR. He didn't bother to add it up or make sure that everything got rang up.
$.04 overage (should have paid $3.70 or $.74 each)
Earned $10 RR

(3) Secret deodorant $3.99 each
- $.50/1 any Secret deodorant, excludes trial size 9/26 P&G
$3.49 each (not a great price by itself, but combined with the body wash and RR deal, it worked out)

(1) Studio fingernail polish remover $.99 each after in-ad coupon

Total paid $6 RR, total paid $7.77 OOP
Earned $10 RR

Transaction #2
(10) Purina One cat food $1.99 each
- $2/1 Purina One cat food 10/17 SS
$.10 overage - the last coupon beeped, I was told that they couldn't adjust the coupon, then she rang up the Sinex and scanned the last cat food coupon again and it came off without beeping. Very confusing and it took me about 15 minutes to check out!

(2) Vicks Sinex 2/$10, earn $5 RR
- $4/1 any Vicks Sinex product 10/10 P&G
$2 total
Earned $5 RR
(1) M&M 1.5oz Single $.59 each (this was my filler so I could use my $1 RR. Lesson learned: it makes no sense at all to spend $.59 to save $1. I would have been better off paying more OOP and saving my $1 RR.)

Total paid $1 RR, total paid $2.93 OOP
Earned $5 RR

Total paid OOP was $10.70, used $7 RR, and left with $15 RR!
Cost was $2.70 for everything in both trips!


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