Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ever Thought About an African Safari?

Have you thought about what to do with all the money you've been saving by couponing? I know for some of us, saving money is just a necessity to be able to pay bills and survive. But what if couponing allowed you to tuck away even a little money every month? What would you save for? A bigger house? A new car? A vacation?

I would love to be able to go on a dream vacation. Not your typical go-visit-family-or-friends vacation. Not even a cruise, although I want to do that too. I would love to take a month off from life and travel. My perfect destination? I would have to pick between an African Safari or Australia snorkeling/scuba diving. I would love to do both. But for now, while my coupon savings go towards feeding the mouths of 4 adorable children, I can only live vicariously through friends.

Check out this article written by a dear friend of mine who had the opportunity to live in Africa for an extended period of time! My father-in-law also had the chance to do an African Safari. And yet another dear friend was able to visit Australia where she met up with yet another mutual online friend. How cool is that? Pictures are worth a thousand words, but a real life experience would be the best. Maybe some day. For now, I'll keep clipping and saving.


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