Tuesday, February 22, 2011

From My Mailbox

Today was an awesome day for the mail! I love days when I get one goody in the mail, but today there were six!!!

Here's what I got:
  • P&G Coupon booklet - I've never gotten one of these so I'm pretty excited
  • $1 off one Cheer detergent
  • Free Coffee-Mate
  • One Weeble - from the Facebook promotion
  • "TXTING KILLS" Thumb rings - from Allstate
  • $50 CASH!! oh yes, that is $50! I was shocked since I was not expecting that at all. Apparently my dear husband got a survey and $5 in the mail awhile ago. Since they sent $5, he went ahead and did the survey and returned it. So we got an unexpected $50!
What have you gotten in your mailbox lately?


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