Friday, August 6, 2010

Buyers Beware at Target

Ok, so I have loved Target for a long time, but our relationship is becoming more of a love/hate thing. I really don't like how they print out the coupons on their receipt. Store coupons don't always show as a coupon. Instead it just lowers the price of the item, which makes it confusing when you're trying to go back and look over your receipt to see how much you paid for something. The other issue is that some coupons show the deduction throughout the receipt where the item is and others show the deduction at the very bottom. Again, confusing!! And you really have to watch like a hawk when the cashier is scanning the coupons because their registers automatically adjust coupon values, whether it should be adjusted or not. I had a $4/2 coupon today, yes I bought both items, and it only deducted $2.99 which was the price of one item. Luckily, I was paying attention, caught the mistake and had the cashier correct it. She was going through them so fast, it was hard to keep up and I'm just hoping that everything else came off correctly.

Am I the only one that has problems with Target and coupons??


  1. Our Target got to where they put so many restrictions on thing it wasn't worth it for me. But I agree it is hard to read the receipts.

  2. It's a pain to look over the receipt and make sure it's's not just you.

  3. I took mine yesterday and went over it coupon by coupon with a CS rep and she finally gave me 5 dollars cash for the 5 dollars worth of coupons the cashier didn't do (and told me all the coupons had scanned... )

  4. I'm glad to see it's not just me. I love Target, but if it gets much worse, I won't want to shop there. It won't be worth it.


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