Thursday, August 5, 2010

Publix trip 8/5

I had a great trip to Publix today! I bought $160.66 worth of groceries, but only spent $59.68. That's a savings of about 63%! Most everything was BOGO with coupons, but I did pick up a few things that weren't. I won't list everything out, but here are a few of the best deals.

Right Guard deodorant - I used my raincheck from the BOGO sale and my BOGO coupons and got 8 sticks completely free!

Nestle Refrigerated cookie dough $2.79 each BOGO less two $1/1 IPs from this website. Paid $.40 each.

Wishbone salad dressing (I use these to marinade chicken) $2.69 each BOGO less $1.25/2 MQ from the 8/1 RP. Paid $.72 each.

Juicy Juice $2.65 each BOGO less $1/2 IP. Paid $.83 each.

Planters Flavor Grove nuts $2/5 less $1.50/1 IP from the Mr. Peanut Facebook page. Paid $1 each. The FB page has coupons every Wednesday. Be there first to print them before they run out.

Ronzoni Pasta $1.79 each BOGO less $1/2 MQ. Paid $.40 each.

Ragu Spaghetti and Alfredo sauce $2.27 each BOGO less $.60/2 MQ from the 8/1 RP. Paid $.84 each.

And yes, Tim, I did buy 10 packs of Yoplait yogurt. $2.79 each BOGO. I had a combination of coupons, both IP and MQs from the paper I've been hanging on to. $27.90 worth of yogurt, BOGO dropped the price to $13.95, less $4.25 in coupons, paid $9.70 for all ten, or $.97 each. They are 6 packs, which means each pack will last 2 days in my house. See why I bought so many? Can't beat 65% off!

I had also planned on buying two packs of Bic Mechanical pencils that I think would have been a money maker, but my store only had one pack. I'll try a different store later.

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  1. OMG on the salad dressing! We eat salad almost every night with dinner... if I could only find deals like that here! Great job!!


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