Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CVS trip 8/10

Only one transaction since I didn't spend or earn any ECBs. Normally I don't use air fresheners, but I was tempted with this one. It has a motion sensor and lets out the scent magically when it senses somebody walking by. I can't say that I'm highly impressed, but for $.99 it does make the entry way of our house smell nice.

Air Wick I-Motion kit $4.99
- $4/1 MQ
$.99 each

Johnson & Johnson first aid kits
$.99 each
$3/3 MQ
Free - actually made $.03!

Calibur 24ct pencils
$.50 each
- $1/2 SQ from coupon kiosk

Total Paid $1.35 OOP
Earned $1 ECB for my green bag tag (GBT)

If you don't know about the GBT and you shop CVS consistently, you may want to check this out. does a pretty good job of explaining it.


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