Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Target trip 8/10

I had another bad experience with Target and coupons. It was the cashier's fault, she was very rude and I complained to the store manager. I'm sure it won't do much good, but at least she listened and apologized.

First, the cashier didn't have a clue about their mobile coupons and told me she couldn't do it. Second, she wouldn't take my $3/3 J&J coupon for the three first aid kits. Now I've used a ton of these already at both Target and CVS and gotten them free with no problem. She insisted I had to buy 3 different items. I had her take the kits off, took back my coupon, and will go to CVS to get more where they won't give me a hassle. Third, she was very annoyed when I asked her to go slow so I could watch and make sure all the coupons came off correctly. Several scanned and said item not purchased when clearly it was, but she did override them with no problem. It's still frustrating though. By the end of the transaction, she was irritated and threw my receipt down.

I am debating my relationship with Target. I have noticed a drastic difference in the one I visited yesterday vs. the new one. I also think I will start only checking out with younger cashiers. Not that I'm against the older generation, but the young guy that checked me out the other night was more than happy to go slow and check all my coupons. He spotted the produce coupon that didn't scan right and corrected it. I also think it would be easier if I don't have too big of an order. That way there are fewer items and fewer coupons and they won't get confused. Otherwise, I may have to stop shopping Target as much.

Anyhow, I spent $24.99 on all of the above items and saved $35.20. The savings didn't impress me that much, I think I've done better than that at Publix and CVS. But overall, I got some great deals.

LA Looks gel - $1.45
-$1/1 MQ
$.45 each!

Mr. Bubbles $1.77
-$1/1 IP
$.77 each

Dora DVD $5
- $3/1 off Dora item - mobile coupon
$2! saving that for Leanna for Christmas

Activia yogurt 3/$5 or $1.66 each
- $1/1 MQ
$.66 each - that's $.17 a serving!

Post-it notes $1
- $1/1 IP

Scotch tape $.50 ea
- $1/3 MQ
$.50 for 3 rolls or $.17 each!
We go through a lot of tape because I have 3 munchkins who like to take mine and use it all. I bought 9. I was planning on 12, but there was a lady buying some and she didn't have the coupon, so I gave her mine. I don't know why, it just seemed like the right time to do a good deed. I have more coupons and might try to get back to get more before the sale ends.

Del Monte fruit cups 4-pk $2.00 ea
- $1/1 IP SQ
$1 ea
I'm kicking myself now because these are BOGO at Publix starting tomorrow for around $2.50 which means I could have gotten them for $.25 each. Ugh!!

Shredded Cheese $1.84 ea
- $1.50/3 Market Pantry items SQ from the register machine

Raisins $2.39
no sale, no coupon but the hubs wanted them

Shoelaces $1.99
no sale, no coupon but I'm tired of seeing Jacob's frayed laces

Broccoli $2.29 each
- $1 off produce IP
$1.29 each

Nature Valley bars $2.39 ea
- $1/1 SQ IP
- $.50/1 MQ
$.89 each

I think I covered everything!


  1. This trip was at the one on Bruce B. Downs/582 and County Line Rd. But I have started shopping at the new one on Dale Mabry Hwy. at County Line Rd. We live off of County Line so I can turn either way and run into a Target. LOL


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