Thursday, August 5, 2010

CVS trip 8/4

Very pleased with yesterday's CVS trip! I had my $10/$50 SQ from the special coupon machine so I bought a few extra things to bump my total up so I could use that. I also got another one out of the machine! It loves me!! And I got a coupon for free Dentyne gum. Always check the coupon machine! I only did one transaction so that I could use my $10/$50 coupon.

6 SoBe flavored waters $1.59 ea
- BOGO sale
- 3 BOGO coupons made all 6 bottles free! (all my coupons were IPs from the Sobe Heads or Tails game)
Fusion Razor $9.99 (earn $5 ECBs)
- $4 MQ from PG 8/01
TG Lee milk $3.19 each (earn $1 ECB ea- this was regional)
- $1/1 MQ IP
6 Skippy Peanut Butter 3/$5 ($1.67 each) (spend $10, get $3 ECBs)
- six $.60/1 MQ from RP 8/1
Fiber Gummies $7.99
- $1/1 IP
2 Pampers diapers $8.88 each
- two $1.50/1 MQs
2 Pampers wipes $3.99 each
- two Buy diapers get wipes free MQs (subtracted $3.99 twice)
This was something new I learned. I never realized before that you can use a $ off coupon AND a "get this free when you buy" coupon together! But the $1.50 was for the diapers and the free was for the wipes so it is only one coupon per item. Awesome! I was able to get diapers and wipes for $7.38!
- $10/50 SQ from coupon machine
Paid $11.99 ECBs, $19.94 OOP, and earned $10 ECBs from purchases and $1 ECB from my green bag tag for a total of $11 ECBs to use next trip! Not bad for everything I got and it's all stuff I would normally buy!


  1. Where do you find the PG coupons? I don't know if they are in my paper or not.

  2. P&G puts out an insert monthly. It should have been in the paper Sunday. Which coupon do you want?


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