Thursday, August 5, 2010

Walgreens trip 8/4

My plan was to run into Walgreens and grab 3 more tubs of wipes, use my $2 RR from the other day, and pay less than $1 OOP for all 3 tubs. As you can see, that didn't happen. I got distracted by the thought of a free razor, more chocolate, and I found the hair clips I have been searching for to use for Leanna's ballet. I should have done 3 transactions to keep my OOP lower, but I didn't so I ended up paying more OOP and having $5 RR left over. I still got great deals and now I have $5 left to spend! Really, considering everything I got for only about $15 OOP with $5 RR left to spend, I didn't do too bad.

Transaction #1
3 Huggies wipes $3.29 each (I don't know why these were more than the ones I bought the day before at a different store, but I didn't notice until I left and I wasn't in the mood to complain.)
- $1/1 SQ from August coupon booklet - takes off $3
- $2.50/3 MQ Huggies wipes
5 Hershey's Chocolate bars $1 each
7 Hershey's Kit Kat bars $1 each
(spend $10 on Hershey's, earn $5 RR)
- $3.28 15% off your total SQ
Paid $2 RR, $12.41 OOP, Earned $5 RR

Transaction #2
Scunci Hair clips $3.49
Scunci Hair bands $2.99 (These were BOGO so I got this one free)
Gillete Fusion $9.97 (earn $5 RR, MQ and 15% off SQ made this a $.59 money maker!)
- $4 MQ Fusion
- $2.99 BOGO sale
- $2.47 15% off your total SQ
Paid $5 RR, $3.18 OOP, Earned $5 RR

The math comes out a little wacky because of the way the register did the 15% coupon and how the sales tax works. But the bottom line is exactly what I paid.


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