Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Walgreens trip 10/17

BEWARE! The $1 RR for the Listerine Smart Rinse didn't print every time. I shopped with my sister and we both did several transactions at two different stores. The RR would print for me, but then she bought the same exact thing and it didn't print for her. Also, the Blistex RR printed for her, but not for me. The manager was able to straighten everything out for both of us, but it was very frustrating!

I purchased the following:

(6) Smart Rinse (the manager price adjusted the first 2 down to $1.99 since the RR didn't print for my sister. I bought the other 4 all on the same transaction and got my $1 RR. My kids use this like crazy and $1.99 is a stock-up price!)

(10) Nivea Body Wash for Men (wow, lots of problems with this one. The cashier guy who helped me at the second store apparently didn't have a clue. He ended up taking off $2.50 twice and then charging me $.01 for one. But I think he took my coupon. It was confusing, but I think it all worked in my favor.)

(3) Halloween cups

(2) Kraft Mac-n-Cheese

(2) Kashi Go Lean cereal

(1) Blistex

(1) Arizona tea (not pictured because I drank it)

I started with $3 RR from last week and paid $12.02 OOP for everything above. I was very pleased considering I usually spend $3 or $4 on one bottle of Smart Rinse.

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