Monday, November 8, 2010

Walmart trip 11/6

I made another trip to Walmart this weekend. Free and cheap donation items sucked me back in.

Similac formula is on price cut for $3.84 each. I had $3/1 printable coupons and a $5 check from the mail. I got all 3 bottles for $.52!

I had a few more Bumblebee tuna coupons to use, but unfortunately the price went up to $.78 each. I got 6 pouches for $1.38 or $.23 each!

The Maruchan Yakisoba meals are on price cut for $.48 each and there is a $.50/1 any Maruchan Yakisoba in the 10/10 SS. I got $.24 overage for buying 12!

I also bought a 20 oz. Mountain Dew. I spent $3.25 after tax for everything!


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