Wednesday, October 13, 2010

CVS trip 10/12

I can't pass it up when CVS does the TG Lee milk ECB deal. I stopped in last night to get 2 gallons and pick up some free candy.

TG Lee $3.19 each
Earn $1 ECB each

Brach's candy corn $.99 each
- $.99/1 Brach's candy corn from the coupon kiosk

Total paid $2 ECBs, total paid $4.45 OOP.
Earned $3 ECBs ($2 for milk and $1 for my green bag tag)

Since I have a huge stash of ECBs now, I am able to roll them. Meaning I pay the same amount of ECBs that I expect to get back. So I keep my OOP low, but I don't lose any ECBs.

Also, rumor has it that people are getting the candy corn coupon more than once. Be sure to scan your ECB card every time you stop in. You never know what you'll get! I got two, yes two, $10/$50 coupons yesterday!


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